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Many, if not most, health foundations pride themselves on being champions of innovation and understand the challenges of identifying, cultivating, disseminating, and sustaining innovative health care practices. Health philanthropy plays a critical role in nurturing innovative approaches to services and mitigating obstacles to broad dissemination of innovative models. As Dr. Jeffery Brenner describes in A World of Darkness: What If Thomas Edison Had to Write Grant Proposals to Invent the Light Bulb? innovators often depend on grants from multiple funders to support the design and implementation of their efforts. The quality and stability of these philanthropic relationships can determine the viability of innovative pilot projects, as well as significantly influence the likelihood that successful models can be brought to scale and more widely replicated. In the interest of facilitating philanthropic strategies that both promote innovation and speed the pace of development and dissemination, GIH compiles stories of innovative service delivery models that:

  • represent a significant departure from traditional practice,
  • have been found effective through robust evaluative methods,
  • have been brought to (or near) scale in their respective communities,
  • have been replicated (or are being replicated) in other sites, and
  • have benefitted from foundation funding.
Case Studies




  • Project ECHO
    August 18, 2015
    Eileen Salinsky, Grantmakers In Health
    Project ECHO is an innovative model for expanding access to specialty and high-quality primary care in rural areas using telehealth-enabled networked learning. Read how the Project ECHO model is dramatically expanding capacity to provide treatment and improve patient outcomes.

    PDF Format Project ECHO
    Subject Areas: Access, Quality

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