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2016 GIH Annual Conference: Call for Proposals

May 6, 2015

Charting a New Course: Roadblocks, Breakthroughs, and Discoveries
Foundations are uniquely positioned to chart new courses as they seek to improve the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and the nation. As currents shift, they are able to test new ideas and strategies, engage a wide variety of partners, take risks, and learn from their failures. Achieving their goals requires constant monitoring, refinement, and, sometimes, an entirely new tack.  

The 2016 Grantmakers In Health (GIH) annual conference lifts up the spirit of learning from experience. GIH invites funders to share the challenging aspects of grantmaking, as well as their a-ha! moments. Unsuccessful grants, stubborn problems, new strategies, and inspired insights are all part of the process of taking risks, striving to create real change, and charting a course toward improved health. What funders have learned from such experiences can be a rich source of information and guidance for others. Discoveries that lead to new approaches to solving existing or emerging problems can be especially revitalizing for the field.

So think creatively about experiences you can share with your peers. High points and low points are equally welcome, along with your candid thoughts about what you learned, how you will apply that knowledge going forward, and how your experiences can inform the work of other funders. Together, we can learn, connect, and grow. 

We welcome proposals for:

Proposals must be submitted by June 18, 2015. GIH's Call for Proposals process is entirely web-based, and we will not accept proposals via fax, mail, or email.

Submit proposals here. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when accessing the Call for Proposals site. You will be required to create a username and password to start the process.

If you have questions or would like assistance in designing your proposal, please contact Kate Treanor at ktreanor@gih.org or 202.452.8331.  

PDF Format Call for Proposals Instructions (Breakout Sessions)
PDF Format Call for Proposals Instructions (Site Visits)
PDF Format Call for Proposals Instructions (Film Screenings)
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