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Strategic Thinking for Health Funders

These publications provide insight on critical challenges facing the field and lessons learned about various grantmaking strategies.

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  • Exiting Thoughtfully
    October 20, 2015
    Elizabeth Docteur, Grantmakers In Health
    Foundations that have adopted a limited-life approach have employed a number of principles to guide them in wrapping up their work. Several of these guidelines offer best practices for funders who are exiting from a field or retiring from grantmaking altogether. These lessons may in some cases also be relevant for foundations transitioning from an ongoing support model to a model of one-time/high-impact grants.

    PDF Format Exiting Thoughtfully
    Subject Areas: Foundation Operations

  • Project ECHO
    August 18, 2015
    Eileen Salinsky, Grantmakers In Health
    Project ECHO is an innovative model for expanding access to specialty and high-quality primary care in rural areas using telehealth-enabled networked learning. Read how the Project ECHO model is dramatically expanding capacity to provide treatment and improve patient outcomes.

    PDF Format Project ECHO
    Subject Areas: Access, Quality

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