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RRF Foundation for Aging Releases Call to Action to Address Older Adult Debt Burden

In a new Call to Action, RRF Foundation for Aging illuminates a problem hidden for too long – older adult debt – and calls on advocates, researchers, service providers, funders and others to get involved with addressing this urgent issue.

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Task Force Releases Report to Inform White House Conference

Authored by the Task Force on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, “Ambitious, Actionable Recommendations to End Hunger, Advance Nutrition, and Improve Health in the United States” offers policy recommendations and actions to advance the goals of the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health to end hunger, improve nutrition, and reduce diet-related diseases in the United States by 2030.

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What an Ideal Health Care System Might Look Like: Perspectives from Older Black and Latinx Adults

A new research publication from The Commonwealth Fund, “What an Ideal Health Care System Might Look Like: Perspectives from Older Black and Latinx Adults,” examines what health care should do to better respect people’s identities, health needs, and preferences.

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How Local Health Departments Can Commit to Transformative Change through Racial Healing

In this new era of public health care and practice, as our global community continues to endure the impact of a pandemic, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to ensure we do not fall back into old patterns. This is our chance as a larger health-focused collective to use our expertise, influence, and resources to change the landscape of health. Governmental agencies, nonprofits, clinical and non-clinical groups, and funders have an important role in the future of public health.

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Perinatal Safe Zone: Supporting Women-led Birth Equity Work

We believe that creating a Perinatal Safe Zone will require multisector mobilization at the regional level. A mobilization at this level will require participation from hospitals, legislators, and state agencies, while centering Black and Brown led organizations and leaders working to achieve stable and affordable quality housing; welcoming, flexible, and equitable workspaces, with paid parental leave and universal child care services; a just food system; safe and walkable neighborhoods; a caring and supportive network of community members; and access to holistic and culturally congruent wellness practices.

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Publications and Reports

Aligning Efforts to Achieve Equitable Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health and Well-Being for Children and Youth

This report issues a call to action for philanthropic organizations and public-sector partners that are ready to move forward in improving mental, emotional, and behavioral health. It describes existing philanthropic and federal initiatives and offers a potential portfolio of aligned strategies for private- and public-sector partners to consider.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Aging and Older Adults Grantmaking Survey

To better understand how philanthropy has responded to these challenges over the course of the pandemic, Grantmakers In Health and Grantmakers In Aging launched a joint survey in November 2021 to learn how health and aging funders are addressing COVID-19 related needs among older adult populations and potential long-term impacts on future grantmaking.

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