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May 10, 2022

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On July 14, 2021, North Georgia’s Floyd Medical Center formalized its merger with North Carolina’s Atrium Health, the final step in a three-year process to discern how to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes for the people of Floyd Medical’s footprint of service in northwestern Georgia and northeastern Alabama.

Building on eighty years of service to people of the region, the resulting entity, Atrium Health Floyd, now has enhanced capabilities to “improve health, elevate hope and advance healing for all,” the mission that informs all of Atrium Health’s work.

A major byproduct of the merger, and the reason for the present search, was the creation of a new community-enhancing asset, the Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation, a health legacy foundation with an endowment of approximately $141 million. Broadly stated, the new Foundation will honor the legacy of service that Floyd Medical and its partners have built in the region through a program of responsive and strategic grantmaking. Developing that program and the infrastructure to support it will fall to the new executive.

The Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation intends to make impactful investments from the Foundation’s income to address social determinants of health and mitigate disparities in healthcare and health access. The corpus will be maintained so that future generations will benefit from the Foundation’s long-term goal of fostering a healthy, vibrant, inviting and sustainable community for all the region’s residents. The inaugural President of the Foundation will be tasked with guiding the organization from start-up to sustainable impact.

The Organization

Much about the new Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation is yet to be determined. The corporation has been formed, the endowment funds are on deposit, and nonprofit status as a 501(c)(3) Type 1 Supporting Organization has been approved by the IRS. A Board of Directors has been confirmed, representing the interests of the community and the four founding partners, and financial advisors have been retained.

The Board has also begun top-level discussions on desired impact and funding priorities. By the time of the new executive’s appointment, a formal, third-party assessment of community needs and an analysis of the health disparities underlying them will be underway, if not substantially complete. Building on the Community Health Needs Assessment3 completed by Floyd Polk Medical Center in 2019, the analysis being launched will provide in-depth grounding for the important work to follow.

The philosophy that informs the Foundation’s work was well stated in the 2019 assessment. Three years later, a key extract mirrors both Floyd Medical Center’s long-standing orientation and the values of its new parent:

“The best approach to meeting the needs of the community is one of collaboration, with community partners working together to implement and achieve effective community health improvement.” – Community Health Needs Assessment, Floyd Medical Center, 2019

The details of the Foundation’s programmatic focus are to be developed, but several themes of interest are already clear, and thus the Board expects grantmaking to fall into four broad categories:

  • Access to healthcare
  • Food insecurity
  • Employment/career pathways
  • Affordable housing and support systems.

The Foundation’s expected focus areas do not exist in a vacuum, of course, and it is likely that some of the Foundation’s most gratifying grants will address issues at the interface of more than one area.

As an endowed foundation, Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation will have a degree of flexibility in its grant decisions that may not be available to other local and regional funding sources, and thus the Board expects to support creative approaches to long-standing challenges. Such an effort will require a deep understanding of local needs, an appreciation for the successes and shortfalls of other efforts elsewhere and focused support for initiatives best suited to the new Foundation’s goals and footprint.

The Board is committed to pursuing generational change, and thus its orientation will be towards root causes, not just immediate symptoms. The community’s residents face many challenges and disparities, to be sure, and the pressure to provide quick fixes can be daunting. Designing and executing an overall strategy that is simultaneously bold, consequential, productive and responsive to local needs will require determined, nuanced leadership in collaboration with multiple parties to create progress on the issues of greatest interest.

The Board of Directors of Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation has launched the current executive search to identify and attract the leader best capable of leading the Foundation from start-up to sustainable impact. As the most significant philanthropic force in the immediate area, the Foundation has both the opportunity and the responsibility to be a force for long-term impact on the region’s health and prosperity, supporting initiatives and services that have the potential to lift up the entire community.

The Mandate

The President of the Floyd Polk Healthcare Foundation will have an inspiring challenge: Advance the legacy of service long characteristic of Floyd Medical Center and capitalize on the unique opportunity for impact inherent in the philanthropic resource made possible by its sale.

Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation’s Board of Directors intends for the Foundation to be a catalyst for transformation throughout the service area. Accordingly, the first President can expect to be given an evolving mandate along the following lines:

  • Leadership: As the Foundation’s principal executive, the President must lead the institutional development of the Foundation and manage its operations while serving as a dedicated, visible and participative advocate for sound philanthropic principles.
  • Strategic framework: Leveraging the good work already undertaken, ensure the development of a thoughtful, deliberate and actionable strategy that encompasses both long-term goals and the steps required in the early months and years to drive progress towards those goals.
  • Staffing: Build and lead a team appropriate to the agreed-upon strategies and goals, reinforcing at every turn the Foundation’s commitment to excellence, professionalism, collaboration, and sensitivity to community needs.
  • Protocols. Adapting best practices to local needs, develop for the Board’s endorsement a protocol for grant development, analysis, recommendation, funding and evaluation of opportunities for sustainable impact within the Foundation’s four broad focus areas.
  • Governance. Support the Board’s strategic role with best practices in foundation governance; ensure information and recommendations are rooted in meticulous research and rigorous analysis while remaining open to creative opportunities that may warrant quicker action.
  • Administration. Provide effective stewardship and oversight of the Foundation’s operating and financial assets, consistent with board-approved policies and strategies, by managing resources to optimal effect. The Foundation’s investment portfolio is being managed by outside professionals, but the President is directly accountable for the management of the Foundation’s staff and the soundness of the Foundation’s operating finances, including its budgets, control and audit functions.
  • Relationships. The ultimate success of the Foundation will depend less on specific grants and more on the trust it establishes with the communities it serves. Accordingly, the President must embody the Foundation’s ethos, setting the tone for its relationships, especially with those most affected by health disparities.

The Candidate

The Board envisions the role of the Foundation and its President being:

  • A convener and coordinator of innovation, bringing partners, funders and community leaders together in commitment to shared goals
  • A known and trusted brand that attracts likeminded organizations and individuals to work together, breaking down silos that impede progress
  • Ambitious for the community, steering programmatic investments in opportunities for systemic change, not just short-term projects
  • Risk-takers, seeding ideas that tackle the root causes of intractable issues.

The opportunity to lead Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation from start-up to impact deserves a special combination of empathy, energy, humility and confidence. The President must be a proven leader, an approachable manager and an active listener who embraces collaboration, community and iterative learning.

The search committee of the Board will be open to a variety of backgrounds, but the nature of the work suggests a preference for a leader steeped in community-based grantmaking. Candidates of greatest appeal are likely to offer a compelling mix of the following experiences and characteristics:

Expertise: The ideal candidate will offer…

  • A record of impactful leadership in a significant community-based context, preferably encompassing grantmaking focused on one or more of the Foundation’s focus areas
  • The benefit of having been tested in publicly visible environments, delivering progress against bold ambitions with a minimum of
  • A balance of strategic and tactical leadership, informed by the mutual trust established with strong colleagues and community partners
  • Financial savviness and respect for the power of data
  • Experience working with a board of deeply committed leaders who themselves may be relatively new to grantmaking at scale
  • Effective management of competing priorities and expectations
  • A record of effective collaboration across multiple constituencies
  • An informed perspective on transformative place-based giving
  • The skills of a general manager, the passion of a community activist, and the commitment of an engaged resident who knows, “This is my community too.”

Culture: The Foundation seeks a President who is…

  • Accustomed to living, working and facilitating lasting change in smaller communities, especially ones in the Southeastern US.
  • Focused on the long view, prepared to forego short-term comfort or easy choices for long-term gains
  • Curious and open to new ideas, someone for whom the questions are as important as the answers
  • Comfortable saying “No” gracefully
  • Culturally adept, meeting all people where they are
  • Personable and inspiring, inviting participation and ownership
  • Invested in the larger community, not simply as the President of a major grantmaker, but as an engaged, participating citizen.

The Location

The Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation is based in Rome, Georgia, and serves an area of northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama with a combined population of about 150,000 people. Nestled in the Appalachian foothills of Northwest Georgia at the headwaters of the Coosa River Valley, the city of Rome provides a thriving historic downtown and venues for recreation and connection with nature on over fifty miles of trails and waterways.

The area is home to four institutions of higher learning, a vibrant civic community and numerous cultural and recreational venues. The city was named Rome because of the environment it shares with its Italian namesake (both cities are situated on seven hills). A copy of the Capitoline Wolf (Romulus and Remus) stands in front of Rome’s City Hall.

Application Process

For potential consideration or to recommend a prospect, please email appropriate materials to or call Sam Pettway or Michelle Hall at 404-BoardWalk (404-262-7392).

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About the Organization

The Floyd-Polk Healthcare Foundation intends to make impactful investments from the Foundation’s income to address social determinants of health and mitigate disparities in healthcare and health access. The corpus will be maintained so that future generations will benefit from the Foundation’s long-term goal of fostering a healthy, vibrant, inviting and sustainable community for all the region’s residents. The inaugural President of the Foundation will be tasked with guiding the organization from start-up to sustainable impact.


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