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October 22, 2020

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The Portfolio Officer works on food security or financial asset security issues of diverse scope and complexity ranging from moderate to substantial. This position plays a critical role in ensuring community investments in their portfolio achieve their targets and executing projects leading to the overall Human Foundation strategic focus of health equity. Specifically focused on strategic relationships, the Portfolio Officer’s primary role is to ensure that selected investments build capacity and sustainability and are capable of achieving results while executing the Foundation’s priorities. In addition to investment management expectations, which are specialized and essential to the role, the Portfolio Officer will function as a partner with the Foundation’s program team to build and implement an integrated health equity investment system that leads to greater upstream approaches to deepen, improve and accelerate health outcomes. This work currently extends across Humana’s Bold Goal markets and will have tremendous impact on the communities in which we operate and the people that are born, live, work, and play in those communities.

Portfolio Officers are principal staff responsible for developing, implementing, and managing Humana Foundation’s programs and initiatives to improve and sustain positive health outcomes. Portfolio Officers will need to work with senior executives on segment or Enterprise-wide strategies and advise on multiple geographic areas. Portfolio Officers all make recommendations on matters of significance and decisions will drive funding efforts for Humana, Inc. and the Humana Foundation.

Their primary responsibilities include providing intellectual and organizational leadership in designing and implementing new initiatives, evaluating proposals, monitoring programs and grants, learning from program investments and activities, providing mentorship in the development of junior staff, and creating impact through dissemination of knowledge.


A successful Portfolio Officer will balance timely and effective portfolio management skills with the ability to consult and co-create with diverse partners and stakeholders. Portfolio Officers have the ability to synthesize and communicate complex topics to a variety of audiences and is a team player, breaking down power dynamics between “investor” and “investee.”  It is essential to the role that the Portfolio Officer is a collaborator who builds trust and is capable of working in an environment with frequent changes, requiring the flexibility and organization to manage diverse projects. The Portfolio Officer will work closely with multiple sectors, particularly the public, nonprofit, and private sector to critically listen to understand the scope of a project, assess defined milestones and implementation approaches, and ultimately report on impact towards creating greater health equity.

The Portfolio Officer will assist in creating linkages and ties to enhance capacity and leveraging where able social, moral, intellectual, reputational and financial capital.   As a partner in the development/implementation of new initiatives, the Portfolio Officer is responsible for managing all phases of the investment cycle.

With experience working in highly collaborative environments; leading strategy development and monitoring; and designing systems-change initiatives for social change, the Portfolio Officer will lead the design and implementation of new and ongoing initiatives and programs; monitor progress at the strategy and initiative levels; and incorporate learning from our investments and activities in close collaboration with their direct manager. They will also facilitate dissemination of learning, data and resources alongside the Foundation’s Communications professional.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in human service, communication, or public health—graduate  degree preferred  —and at least three years of work experience in the nonprofit or public sector
  • 5 or more years of extensive experience in food security and/or financial asset security and proven leadership and recognized in the field for specific knowledge in one or more of Humana’s focus areas
  • Critical, creative thinker familiar with philanthropy and philanthropic processes
  • Demonstrated persuasive and respectful presentation skills for communications with internal leadership, external high-level stakeholders, and communities
  • Awareness of concepts related to health equity, systems change, and root causes
  • Proven ability to work effectively independently and across a diverse interdisciplinary Enterprise
  • Deep knowledge of the food and nutrition or financial asset areas.

Preferred Qualifications

  • PMP Certification with experience in community organizing, project management in a nonprofit setting or in the public sector
  • Commitment to Equity:  You have a history of fostering inclusive environments, engaging diverse voices, and are able to consider underlying structural inequities, privilege, and power dynamics in your work.
  • Connective Thinking:  You excel at creatively exploring problems, issues, and opportunities. You are a lateral thinker who is able to translate ideas from different spaces, make connections between seemingly disparate ideas, and see how they fit within a broader whole.
  • Curiosity and a Rapid Learning Curve:  You are intellectually curious and able to dive into and understand new spaces and new networks. You like to explore different, disparate ideas and can swiftly make sense of complex issues.
  • Systems Thinking:  You are able to identify leverage points and assess how new ideas have the potential to influence or change a system. You are comfortable with experimentation and risk-taking and are able to find and refine the truly transformative “nugget” in an idea—even if others don’t see it yet.
  • Excellent Networking Skills:  You are a relational person and are able to build robust networks that allow you to cast a wide net, make connections, and see opportunities and challenges from diverse perspectives.
  • Open-Mindedness, Additive Thinking, and Humility:  You are open-minded and willing to explore ideas, whether they are yours or not. You are an additive and generative thinker who builds on the ideas of others. And you are self-aware and recognize a grant maker’s role in supporting the work of their grantees.
  • Well-Honed Research and Analytical Skills:  You can apply rigor and an objective lens when researching and evaluating. You make sound decisions and are responsive, clear, and persuasive in your recommendations.
  • Able to Drive and Communicate:  You are able to work both independently and collaboratively and to manage multiple priorities effectively. You spend your time generously and judiciously. You consistently deliver on project goals and outcomes.
  • Collaborative Approach:  People enjoy working with you and you enjoy working with others. You are able to work effectively with others and work with efficiency, enthusiasm, and diplomacy—both individually and as part of a team. You build productive and reciprocal relationships with a diverse group of colleagues, grantees, consultants, and
  • Enterprise Integration:  Liaison with OHAA units and lead Market Development Advisor in Foundation strategy (dotted line).


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Travel: Up to 25%

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