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December 9, 2020

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For more than 30 years, The Morris Foundation has been creating pathways to hope for the most vulnerable in Fort Worth, Texas. Founders Jack and Linda Morris had a vision of helping those experiencing struggles similar to those they had faced themselves as well as other impediments confronting the community where they raised their family and started their businesses. Their mission was to improve the lives of those in need by removing barriers to healthy and productive lives in the areas of education, social services, and healthcare. Granting more than $100 million since its inception in 1986, The Morris Foundation now supports approximately 100 organizations with over $11 million annually.

The Morris Foundation’s comprehensive funding strategy combines a bottom-up strategic approach of vetting criteria to evaluate and score funding opportunities with a top-down strategic approach of aligning giving with the Foundation’s values and big-picture goals. This methodology ensures that long-term Foundation goals are met by directing appropriate funding to subcategories before applications are considered—striking an effective balance between segments and sub-segments, as well as program vs. capital support. Additionally, three key focal initiatives that align with the values of the Foundation, one in each of its three giving categories, have been identified. Using the top-down strategic framework, each key initiative receives an outsized portion of support as the Foundation commits to moving the needle of improvement in each through a five-year plan.

The Morris Foundation’s healthcare funding supports vulnerable populations at all life stages. When wellness is established early and disease and trauma are prevented, the benefits to individuals and the community are greatest. When illness is present, ensuring efficient and equitable access to primary and specialty care is essential for people to thrive. The Foundation assists all aspects of the healthcare continuum: wellness and disease prevention, early detection, treatment, and quality of life—backing both evidence-based models that improve individual care through programs and improvement in the area healthcare systems.

Near-term goals entail working with the healthcare portfolio agencies to develop relationships and consulting on effectiveness and efficiency measures. This also includes establishing presence in the collaboratives and assessing the ecosystem to identify need gaps and solutions. Long-term goals are output metrics proving increased utilization of non-emergency or urgent care health and increased wellness resource utilization, leading to outcome success measures proving improvement in benchmarked health metrics within the communities we serve.

This is a full time opportunity. Compensation is in the top quartile within the private and family foundation sector in Fort Worth, Texas.


The Head of Healthcare Giving evaluates agency investments and provides robust thought leadership to collaboratives. The Head will also lead creative approaches to make meaningful change in the local healthcare arena. Reporting to the Executive Director, and as a member of the leadership team, the Head will be the champion of healthcare improvement for the most vulnerable in Fort Worth. This includes managing the segment from strategic development and planning to tactical execution, leading all functions related to the funding, monitoring and achievement of outcomes for healthcare organizations, being the face and voice of the Foundation regarding healthcare in collaboratives, and working with local government and in the press. Specific essential duties and responsibilities (with estimated time weighting) include the following:

Vision Setting (5%)

  • Partner with Executive Director to determine The Morris Foundation’s vision of health and wellness of the most vulnerable in Fort Worth
  • Determine the ways the Foundation can best manifest that vision

Strategic Development (15%)

  • Design strategies to achieve the vision
  • Recommend resource allocation that will best leverage The Morris Foundation’s investments in healthcare
  • Create and foster synergies between organizations The Morris Foundation funds
  • Determine, source, and manage data needed to execute the strategic vision and outcome measurement

Agency Relationship Management (45%)

  • Act as the point of contact for the healthcare portfolio agencies
  • Ensure Foundation grant-making and related processes, documents, procedures, and implementation are executed professionally, efficiently, and on schedule
  • Manage interim and year-end reporting, including the funding request processes:
  • Ensure grant application data are accurate and complete
  • Score application requests for funding and make recommendations to trustees
  • Ensure program outcome measurement data is accurate and complete
  • Evaluate program performance and return on funding investment
  • Manage relationship with grants management software vendor, including process optimization
  • Assist agencies in using the grant platform
  • Provide on-going strategic consultative support regarding their business model, research design, outcome measurement, capacity development, governance, growth planning and prudent financial practices
  • With agencies, co-author select projects and programs key to achieving the healthcare strategic goals—taking a hands-on approach to create outputs and outcomes

Collaboration Lead (35%)

  • Lead partnering efforts with organizations improving healthcare in Fort Worth
  • Collaborate with fellow foundations to create synergies in program giving efforts
  • Determine healthcare advancement collaboratives the Foundation will be a part of and represent The Morris Foundation in those endeavors
  • Partner with decision makers and the thought leaders working to create systemic improvements that advance the Foundation’s strategic goals



  • Commitment to the mission and values of The Morris Foundation, understanding and upholding a deep sense of personal responsibility to represent the Foundation, its trustees, and Founders in a way that espouses their values and reputation in the community
  • Ability to lead groups of diverse points of view to gain consensus and drive to outcomes
  • Commitment to excellence, intellectual curiosity, and innovation
  • Commitment to service and a compassionate leader


  • Educational and professional career in the healthcare arena bringing a combination of direct client work, philanthropy, nonprofit executive, and deep understanding of content area research
  • Ten (10) years or more of experience in healthcare through working with one or more of: a grant-making or nonprofit organization; an advocacy or governmental agency providing or actively interacting with healthcare providers
  • Goal-oriented and driven subject matter expert with a proven record of both establishing a strategic direction and seeing it through tactical execution

Skills & Knowledge

  • In-depth understanding of the non-profit sector, with deep subject matter knowledge and expertise in healthcare, including best-in-class programs, evolving needs, existing resources, and innovative solutions, metric tracking, and data sources
  • Intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities at the point of need
  • Ability to synthesize new information readily, as well as complex issues and concepts on behalf of the greater good of the community
  • Highly developed relationship management skills grounded in superb communication and effective listening
  • Excellent coalition-building skills with an ability to balance, negotiate, and work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders
  • Understanding of how top-down funding strategies interact with, incentivize, and inform decisions in the nonprofit community
  • Keen conceptual, analytical, and critical thinking skills
  • Process and project management experience, with strong attention to detail
  • Proficient with technology, ability to learn and adopt new technology and applications, and ability to effectively integrate that technology into daily work
  • Expert knowledge and experience in outcome measurement and evaluation
  • Financial acumen and the ability to interpret financial statements
  • Demonstrated ability achieving cross-sector agreement on issues, level setting information and data, creating solutions, and activating them in complex environs


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university required
  • Doctorate, masters and/or other advanced degree(s) in a relevant field strongly preferred

Personal Characteristics

  • Sense of urgency to demonstrate impact and achieve results at both the point of need and at a systems level
  • Strong presence as a leader and subject matter expert who can engage as an equal and senior management of organizations, fellow philanthropies and senior government officials of the City and county
  • Personable and likable demeanor and consistently professional appearance when interacting with community members on behalf of The Morris Foundation
  • Personal commitment to and involvement in the Fort Worth community
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and timetables while maintaining focus
  • Strong value on personal and professional growth, consistently seeking self-improvement for the sake of maximizing impact and flexible when required to better achieve outcomes
  • Ability to interact respectfully with and accept people of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, perspectives, and cultures

Application Process

This search is being conducted by Peña Search Consulting. To apply for this position, please send a resume and letter of interest to Travis Hillier at with the position’s title in the subject line.

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About the Organization

The Morris Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to removing barriers and creating pathways for the vulnerable in the Fort Worth community to help them live hopeful and productive lives.


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