GIH Funder Networks are supported by programmatic grants and are led by GIH Program Directors.

These networks offer funders the opportunity to meet at the GIH Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy; exchange ideas, provide peer support, and discuss challenges via GIH e-forums; and access a list of peers who share similar interests. Some funder networks have funder champions: lead funders, advisory groups, or steering committees that help plan in-person gatherings at the annual conference and help foster connections and support collaboration throughout the year.

Current Funder Networks

Children and Families

Health Equity
Contact: Katherine Treanor

Access and Quality
Contact: Ann McMillan

Behavioral Health
Contact: Alison Perencevich

Healthy Eating and Active Living
Contact: Colin Pekruhn

Integrative Health
Contact: Alison Perencevich

Population Health
Contact: Katherine Treanor

Oral Health