With over 225 Funding Partners, Grantmakers In Health (GIH) is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to helping philanthropic advisors, foundations, and other philanthropic organizations improve the health of all people. Its mission is to foster communication and collaboration help strengthen the grantmaking community’s knowledge, skills, and effectiveness. GIH develops programming, provides technical assistance, and hosts convenings to help the philanthropic field learn, connect, and grow.

What is a Funding Partner?

Funding Partners comprise philanthropic advisors and organizations that make annual financial contributions to support GIH’s work, gaining exclusive access to GIH’s network and programming.

GIH’s network spans a diverse constituency of foundations, corporate giving programs, philanthropic advisors, government agencies, and other grantmaking organizations. If this sounds like you, we hope you consider joining us and engaging with other health funders.

Philanthropic advisors contribute $1,000 per individual for one year of benefits. Joining as an individual confers exclusive benefits to the registered individual that cannot be extended to staff at the same firm or client.

What are the benefits to being a Funding Partner?

Funding Partners have access to a variety of exclusive opportunities and resources on health issues and philanthropy, such as:

  • Discounted registration rates for our Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy, the largest gathering of health funders in the country, and other national programs like the policy-oriented Fall Forum or Rural Health Philanthropy Partnership Meeting
  • Technical assistance and strategic guidance from GIH’s highly experienced program team
  • Learning communities for CEOs, policy staff, communications staff, and funders interested in firearm violence prevention
  • Webinars, meetings, and events featuring leading experts on health policy, philanthropy, government, and related areas
  • Exclusive E-forums for peer learning and connection
  • Platforms to share recent insights, grants awarded, reports, and other topical work with the field of health philanthropy through Grantmaker Profile features, Views from the Field articles, and GIH’s social media channels
  • Insider emails featuring timely news, resources, and events, including our monthly Health Policy Update newsletter
  • Leadership opportunities to help shape GIH’s programming and priorities—Funding Partners are invited to join our annual Call for Proposals committee, Awards Committee, and weigh in on other GIH programming
  • Free job postings focused exclusively on health philanthropy
  • Tools to conduct custom searches of GIH Funding Partners
  • Orientations to GIH resources for Funding Partner staff and trustees
  • Discounted products, subscriptions, and services that benefit the philanthropic field through GIH's membership of the United Philanthropy Forum–this offer includes a 25 percent discount to Inside Philanthropy, the leading publication covering foundations and major donors, and pressing issues in philanthropy

Which philanthropic advisors are eligible to become Funding Partners?

GIH welcomes philanthropic advisors from banks, management consultancy firms, trust companies, and other companies that manage philanthropic funds. These professional organizations counsel clients on the formation of charitable entities and can serve as staff or thought partners in managing the implementation of grantmaking programs. Many also provide legal or fiduciary support. Professional philanthropic advisors must affirm to GIH that the services they routinely provide fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • helping foundation staff develop their grantmaking priorities;
  • developing foundation strategies for specific grantmaking program areas;
  • crafting or managing grant application procedures;
  • researching and/or forging relationships with prospective grantees;
  • managing relationships with existing grantees;
  • coordinating the grant evaluation process, including the preparation of materials for board
  • review;
  • managing the disbursement of funds to grantees;
  • developing and coordinating the evaluation of grant outcomes.

Professional philanthropic advisors Giving Levels

Philanthropic Advisor

$1,000/ professional

An advisory firm or select members of the firm, whether one or more individuals, may join GIH as the
representative of a client foundations or funds. The client organization will join as a regular Funding Partner
and pay standard GIH dues based on its annual health giving. The associated advisor(s) will enjoy full Funding
Partner status. No other staff at the advisory firm will have access to GIH programs or resources under this
option. (validation: written verification of the professional firm’s activities in managing the charitable funds,
fund asset levels, and annual health giving).

An advisory firm may become a GIH Funding Partner and give its staff access to programs and resources. The
firm determines its contribution by multiplying GIH’s prevailing individual fee [currently $1,000] by the firm’s
number of FTE professional positions. Trustees and staff of the firm’s client foundations will not be
considered GIH Funding Partners under this method (validation: a written description of the advisory firm’s
routine services and offerings). Professional references may be requested. Firms with three or more individuals
wishing to participate in GIH may contact Cecilia Kramer for the 5% group discount.

Ready to get started?

Join as a Philanthropic Advisor by contacting:

Cecilia Amor Kramer
(202) 534-3028