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How Medicaid Supports Trauma-Informed Care for Children

Join this briefing to learn more about current behavioral health and trauma services covered by the Medicaid benefits package, discuss examples of state-based best practices and innovative policy initiatives, and explore future opportunities to improve Medicaid’s response to children exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and other forms of trauma.

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Including the Person in Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care by its very nature needs to engage care recipients as equal partners in the planning, developing, monitoring, and evaluation of care as well as in policy and programmatic discussions that impact delivery systems for high-need, high-cost individuals.

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Policies to Support Caregivers: Opportunities for Philanthropy

In this webinar, participants will learn about the current state of family caregiving policy and efforts to create new and innovative policies across the country.

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A Threat to Health and Wellbeing: Public Charge’s Expected Impact and How Philanthropy Can Respond

On this webinar, funders will learn about current responses to the new “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” rule —ranging from local-level community education and state-level coordinated campaigns to national litigation efforts—and will explore opportunities to support the protection of families and the advancement of belonging in both rapid response and long-term contexts.

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Rhetoric to Reality: Meaningful Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation

During this webinar, speakers will share lessons learned from the formal evaluation of the Consumer Voices for Innovation Project and from the grantees themselves.

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Beyond the Numbers: Rethinking Race, Research, and Health Equity

This webinar explored how philanthropy can use data and research to advance equity and address the intersections of race, culture, and health.

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Census 2020 Messaging Testing Results

The 2010 Census missed over 2 million young children, most of which were left off the form by families who responded. Join this webinar to learn more about why families have left children in their households off the census in the past and how to develop persuasive messages to ensure young children are not missed in 2020.

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Promoting Equity Through Workforce Innovations: Impact of Dental Therapy in Tribal and Indigenous Communities

This webinar discussed the historical and social contexts of oral health disparities experienced by tribal communities around the world and the evolution of dental therapy as a successful care model which supports locally representative, community-oriented, and culturally appropriate care for these populations.

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Applying Lessons from the HIV/AIDS Epidemic to the Opioid Crisis

This webinar had a discussion on how issues of access, equity, funding, policy, and stigma have impacted governmental and philanthropic responses to public health epidemics. The speakers provided an update on the current data related to the opioid and HIV syndemics.

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Dollar Stores’ Growing Impact on Local Food Environments

This webinar discussed the expansion of dollar stores and how funders might start to address the challenges that they present.

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Census Funder Debrief: Supreme Court Citizenship Question Decision

This webinar was held in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the 2020 Census citizenship question.

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