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COVID-19: How Funders Can Support Bereavement and Grief

This webinar is designed to help raise awareness of the intersection of mental health and COVID-19.

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State Budgets Post-Crisis & Medicaid: What Families Can Expect

As Medicaid is a large portion of state budgets, it is one area likely to be affected, but how? What will state budget cuts mean for children and families? Join the webinar to discuss these topics and learn more about what funders can do.

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Gamechanger? Medicaid Advocacy in a Time of COVID

On this webinar, participants learned from experts and advocates in the field about the evolving landscape, including how Medicaid expansion is playing out and how the block grant and work requirement conversation has shifted.

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COVID-19: Managing a Global Response

This webinar addressed the unique aspects of response and recovery for a worldwide pandemic, with a focus on international grantmaking to support communities in developing nations.

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When Two Public Health Crises Collide: COVID-19 and Gun Violence

During this webinar, participants learned more about the importance of addressing gun violence in the midst of a global pandemic and how we can ensure safe and healthy communities now and long after the virus runs its course.

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State Policymakers Respond to COVID-19

During this webinar, attendees learned about coverage pathways for testing and treatment, Medicaid strategies that support providers, and state budget considerations.

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COVID-19: Grantmaking to Support Children and Older Adults

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched everyone, but the youngest and oldest among us are being disproportionately affected. This webinar explored how these two groups are being impacted by the pandemic – older adults, from a mortality and morbidity perspective, and youth due to a disruption of childcare and education.

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COVID-19: Impact on Care for Persons with Serious Illness

Participants learned more about how seriously ill persons and their caregivers are being affected, the short- and long-term repercussions for health access and disparities, the implications for end-of-life care and grieving, and what providers and health systems can do.

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COVID-19: How Philanthropy Can Stand Up for Vulnerable Populations

This webinar addressed the limitations of governmental responses to the pandemic and how philanthropists can act directly, and act as advocates, for better protections for at-risk populations, including approaches for developing a public policy agenda for philanthropy, based in equity.

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Supporting Public Health Agencies in COVID Response and Recovery

Participants learned more about federal funding for state and local health departments, high priority needs within the public health system, and opportunities for effective philanthropic partnerships.

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CEO Working Group Call on Philanthropy’s Role in COVID-19 and Beyond

GIH launched a quarterly call series for CEO Working Group on Access and Coverage members to strategize about philanthropy’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The first call occurred on May 18, 2020

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