GIH’s ability to serve the field of health philanthropy depends on funding and engagement from the grantmaking community.

To achieve that goal, we help the staff and trustees of foundations and corporate giving programs stay on top of current health policy and philanthropic practice; connect with one another and with those in other sectors; and strengthen their individual skills and organizational practices.


Health funders typically support GIH in three ways:

Annual Contributions

Each year, approximately 240 foundations and corporate giving programs provide support to finance our infrastructure and our ability to meet the demands of today’s pressing health issues. Annual support helps GIH provide health philanthropy with needed expertise, knowledge, and resources.

We call the organizations that provide annual support our Funding Partners. Staff and trustees of Funding Partner organizations gain access to numerous resources to learn, connect, and grow.

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Program and General Operating Grants

Several foundations provide issue-specific funding to GIH. These program grants often address one or more of our 14 issue areas, but are not limited to those specific topics. Through them, GIH helps health funders raise the visibility of the issues they care about, amplify ongoing work, and learn from promising approaches. In addition, funders may choose to support GIH's work in governance and operations by supporting the Effective Philanthropy Fund.

General operating grants enable organizations to be nimble, yet thoughtful. GIH appreciates any opportunity for general operating support of our work. We look forward to engaging foundations that provide such support in conversations about how it can be mutually beneficial.

If you have questions about or interest in making a general operating support or program grant to GIH, please contact Beth Harris at 202.452.8331.

Conference Sponsorship

The GIH Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy is the largest gathering of health funders in the nation. Attracting over 700 participants, the annual conference focuses attention on the practice of philanthropy, highlighting innovative strategies and approaches to deal with contemporary issues. More than a meeting, it is an opportunity for grantmakers to learn from outside experts as well as philanthropic leadership, and to exchange information, ideas, and insights with colleagues.

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