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How HEalht Funders Approach HEAL Infographic

Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL) Funding Infographic

This survey provides valuable insights into how and where funders are directing their resources and the perceived challenges to continued funding of the issue.

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Issue Focus by Eileen Salinsky Sep 2019

Building an Evidence-Base for Gun Violence Prevention: Research and Data Needs

Gun violence prevention research is woefully underfunded, receiving significantly less research funding and scientific attention compared with other leading causes of death. Using a methodology that calculated expected levels of research investment based on mortality rates, one study estimated that between 2004 and 2015 gun violence received just 1.6 percent of the federal research support projected and had 4.5 percent of the volume of publications anticipated.

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Issue Focus by Colin Pekruhn Sep 2019

Policies for Those Who Care: Investing in Systems That Support Family Caregivers

Across the country, more than 45 million family members are providing care for older adults with chronic, disabling health conditions. There are a multitude of reasons why health grantmakers should be concerned about this, ranging from caregivers’ critical role in managing the needs of complex care patient populations to the manifold short- and long-term impacts caregiving has on the health and wellness of caregivers themselves.

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Stanford Social Innovation Review: Healthy Eating, Active Living

This Grantmakers In Health supplement to the Stanford Social Innovation Review provides a snapshot of the latest thinking from health funders, researchers, and advocates on healthy eating and active living (HEAL) and healthy communities.

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Reflections – Ideas. Innovations. Impact.

Each year, GIH asks health funders to share their thoughts on our annual conference theme. This year, we’ve asked leaders of philanthropic support organization to reflect on our 2019 conference theme, Ideas. Innovations. Impact.

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Foundations Helping Consumers Find Their Way

Health foundations have long supported the essential work that connects consumers to health insurance coverage. After the passage of the ACA, foundations put that experience to work to promote consumer awareness and uptake of the new coverage options.

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Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Affected by “Zero Tolerance” Immigration Policies

Recent efforts to introduce new federal and state immigration legislation and to modify existing guidelines have resulted in an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear for many in immigrant, migrant, and refugee communities. This atmosphere was recently compounded by a directive to separate migrant children and parents detained after crossing the United States-Mexico border, including those seeking asylum.

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gvp infographic thumbnail

Gun Violence Prevention Infographic

Gun violence is a public health crisis in the United States, with approximately 120,000 Americans injured or killed by guns each year. GIH surveyed Funding Partners in June 2018 to explore investments in gun violence prevention and found that health funders who support gun violence prevention efforts are investing in a wide range of prevention strategies, including support for high-risk populations and policy advocacy. The survey results have been compiled into a one-page summary infographic.

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