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Grantmakers In Health is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to helping foundations and corporate giving programs improve the health of all people.


GIH's 2023 Policy Priorities

GIH seeks to take a more active role in defining the key issues that will advance better health for all and support health philanthropy with the thought leadership and programming to make a lasting impact by influencing advocacy, policy, and funding in targeted areas.

This policy agenda identifies our public policy priorities for the coming year. Informed by health funders, these priorities will guide our programming, influence decisions related to issuing public statements on timely policy issues, and focus our emerging advocacy efforts. We hope these priorities will also inspire the field of health philanthropy and encourage greater collaboration and commitment to common policy goals among funders. We look forward to working with funders and others to advance this agenda.

2022 Year in Review

January 26, 2023
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The 2022 Grantmakers In Health (GIH) Year in Review report looks back at the many services and products GIH offered Funding Partners throughout the year, provides an update on the implementation of GIH’s five-year GIH strategic plan, and previews GIH’s work in 2023.

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2022 Fall Forum

Better Health Policy Through Stronger Communities

The 2022 Grantmakers In Health Fall Forum provided policy-engaged funders with information on current issues, access to leading thinkers, and connections with grantmaking peers around the theme of Better Health Policy Through Stronger Communities. The forum featured programming focused on what funders can do to strengthen community engagement, advance LGBTQ health equity, and how to support policies that achieve better health for all. 

Letter From President Cara V. James

Announcing GIH’s 2023 Policy Priorities: Using Our Voice to Make Systemic Changes

January 31, 2023
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When we launched our strategic plan, we noted that to achieve our vision of better health for all through better philanthropy we would need to use our voice to take a more active role to influence advocacy, policy, and funding in targeted areas that will advance health and make a lasting, measurable impact. Our current health “system” is not designed to promote health and wellness, but to provide care once a person is sick, and it is built on a foundation of inequity based on health coverage, or a lack thereof.

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Recent Reports

The Impact of COVID-19 on Aging and Older Adults Grantmaking Survey

To better understand how philanthropy has responded to these challenges over the course of the pandemic, Grantmakers In Health and Grantmakers In Aging launched a joint survey in November 2021 to learn how health and aging funders are addressing COVID-19 related needs among older adult populations and potential long-term impacts on future grantmaking.

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Funder Approaches to Youth Behavioral Health Equity

Even before the pandemic, the mental health and well-being of adolescents and young adults was worrisome and worsening. COVID-19 has exacerbated these trends and heightened existing disparities. GIH surveyed its Funding Partners in October 2021 to better understand how health foundations are addressing youth behavioral health equity. The survey results are summarized in an infographic that provides a useful snapshot of primary funding areas, types of populations supported, and top funding strategies.

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Perspectives From Health Philanthropy

Let’s Close the Gap on Mental Health for Good in 2023

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a mental health crisis was growing in America, with 1 in 10 adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression. Today, that number is 3 in 10. The recently launched 988 hotline—the mental health equivalent and alternative to 911—is a monumental step forward in changing how we acknowledge and respond to mental health needs nationally. It finally puts mental health on equal ground with physical health—a recognition long overdue—but it is only a first step in addressing the multitude of behavioral health needs.

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SASH: Health Equity Begins at Home

A decade ago, primary care practices and housing non-profits in Vermont partnered to reduce chronic conditions among older adults and younger adults with a disability in collaboration with the state’s Blueprint for Health. Today, as an extender of the Blueprint, Support and Services at Home (SASH), which supports healthy aging in place, is helping to advance health equity in the state.

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The Gun Violence Epidemic: Lessons From Newark, New Jersey

The Newark, New Jersey community has made remarkable progress improving community safety and reducing gun violence. This past June, a seminal report, The Future of Public Safety: Exploring the Power and Possibility of Newark’s Reimagined Public Safety Ecosystem, was released by Equal Justice USA, the City of Newark, and the Newark Community Street Team. Researchers utilized community participatory research to assess Newark’s impactful approaches to improving public safety.

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Upcoming Webinars

Exploring GIH’s Policy Priorities for 2023

During this session, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about GIH’s public policy goals and objectives for 2023 and provide input on our activities to advance these priorities.

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Upcoming Convenings

2023 GIH Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy

We are excited to announce that the 2023 GIH annual conference: Advancing Philanthropy’s Commitment to the Long Game, will be held on June 7 – 9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Hilton Minneapolis.

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Program Officer

This position is an opportunity for an innovative, experienced health professional to join a creative, growing organization with a permanent endowment to support health improvement in Montana. The program officer will support the development and implementation of initiatives that improve and strengthen the health care system.

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HR Policy Manager

The position is responsible for collaborating with CDCF Legal team to create and manage company policies and procedures, including those regarding workplace safety, employee conduct, and hiring practices. The position is responsible tracking industry trends and pending legal matters as it relates to benefits and human resources.

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Laboratory Technician

The Laboratory Technician will assist in the culture of medically important mosquitoes that can transmit a variety of pathogens, perform morphological authentication of these stocks, perform bioassays and experiments, and assist in preparing and distributing mosquitoes to collaborators.

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Senior Program Officer

This position is responsible for the development and implementation of the organization’s strategies, necessitating an enterprise-wide perspective and the ability to both develop strategy and do the detailed work of implementing it.

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Program Director

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Development Director

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Vice President for Programming

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