The forums offer GIH Funding Partners a free, quick, and easy way to share ideas, questions, and announcements by sending an email to the field.

Interest areas include:

Ready to sign up for e-forums?

To sign up for e-forums, log in to the Funding Partner portalclick to your profile, and select the issues that interest you. Please note, the interests you select will determine which e-forum lists you are subscribed to.

To ask a question using e-forums, please email info@gih.org with your question and someone from the GIH program staff will contact you.

Additional Assistance Provided by GIH

Technical Assistance

GIH program staff is on-hand to help staff and trustees of foundations and corporate giving programs with questions related to health and philanthropy.

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Peer Review

GIH’s Peer Review process engages an experienced team of foundation leaders who bring “outside eyes” to consider the strategy and operations of another foundation.

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Facilitated Introductions

To promote collaboration and peer connections, GIH can facilitate an introduction via the online partner directory.

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