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Healing for Our Healers: Funding Transformational Staff Wellness

The Healing Trust has prioritized support beyond the programmatic check since the early years of our grantmaking in 2003. While the “how” of the funding has changed over time, the “why” has consistently been to support the healing of nonprofit staff. This isn’t tangential to making strategic community-based investments, rather it is the foundation on which meaningful change can emerge. When funders invest in the well-being of the staff of partner organizations, it creates a culture where all people’s needs are prioritized and compassionately met. The nonprofit network thrives when its leaders are well-rested. When staff are well taken care of, the clients benefit by means of an energized supporter who shows up with creativity, patience, compassion, and joy.  

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A Call to Connection

The Einhorn Collaborative recently commissioned A Call to Connection: Rediscovering the Transformative Power of Relationships, in partnership with Sacred Design Lab and Greater Good Science Center. The report combines scientific research on the power of connection, insights from ancient wisdom traditions, stories of impact, and recommended practices to help live more fully in connection with one another.

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Mindfulness and Healing Justice

The Kataly Foundation’s Mindfulness and Healing Justice program hosted a discussion with grantee partners to explore the connections between healing, collective transformation, and power-building. The conversation highlighted the need to meaningfully resource mindfulness and healing justice work led by Black and Indigenous people and all communities of color.

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Funder Approaches to Youth Behavioral Health Equity

Even before the pandemic, the mental health and well-being of adolescents and young adults was worrisome and worsening. COVID-19 has exacerbated these trends and heightened existing disparities. GIH surveyed its Funding Partners in October 2021 to better understand how health foundations are addressing youth behavioral health equity. The survey results are summarized in an infographic that provides a useful snapshot of primary funding areas, types of populations supported, and top funding strategies.

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Compassionate Care to the Very End of Life

Over the past seven years, the George Family Foundation has supported organizations that encourage individuals to invest time in end-of-life discussions and planning with our loved ones and with health care teams.

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GIH Events

Healing Justice Guidance to Philanthropy During COVID-19, the Uprisings, and Beyond

Funders for Justice Healing Justice Strategy Group members recently released strategic guidance for funders on how to incorporate a healing justice lens into grantmaking.

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The Urgent Need for Nature During and After COVID-19

Mounting research, combined with our personal and professional experience, suggest that improving equity in access to greenspace may help combat health inequities. Access to safe, nearby nature must be prioritized as critical public health infrastructure and not just an amenity for a few.

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Psych Hubb: COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Platform

Psych Hubb recently launched a digital platform of free resources to help individuals and providers address mental health needs during the pandemic.

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The Role of Arts and Culture in Health

Grantmakers in the Arts believes that arts and culture deserve public and philanthropic support because they have both intrinsic value and social value.

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Connect With Funder Peers on Integrative Health

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