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Tracking Health Policy Trends in Texas

The Episcopal Health Foundation recently released the latest Texas Health Policy Poll Report, a statewide public opinion survey that gathers Texans’ opinions on a variety of important state health policy issues. Our objective is to use the poll findings to inform the discussion on state health policy priorities.


Making Data Accessible for Small Communities

Just as health disparities disadvantage people of color and those of less financial means or educational attainment, so does data inaccessibility. Launched in 2018, the City Health Dashboard addresses the problem of data inaccessibility for cities and communities.


From Hate to Health

It is undeniable that violence, threats of violence, and discrimination contribute to toxic stress and social isolation on a community level—and these factors are connected to negative health outcomes.


GIH Bulletin

GIH Bulletin: March 2021

The road ahead will require continued action and collaboration on complex and challenging issues—and we must apply the lessons of the past year to maximize our chances of building a more just and equitable future.

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GIH Bulletin: January 2021

Events over the last year put a spotlight on the significant health, economic, and social disparities in our country. In the few days that have elapsed in 2021, that spotlight has focused in on the division our country faces, fueled by mistrust.

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Post-Election Philanthropy

GIH Bulletin: November/December 2020


GIH is continuing to organize several post-election calls for health funders, as we have done in previous years. Join us on November 30 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern for Post-Election Discussion: Moving Forward on Health Care to gain key insights into the prospects for increasing health care access, advancing health equity, and improving the delivery system. In addition, check out these resources from our Philanthropy Support Partners…

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Partnering with Tribal Communities to Improve Nutrition and Food Access

In this podcast, Abigail Echo-Hawk discusses some of the innovations being developed in tribal communities, how disruptions to indigenous food systems influence individual health, and the opportunities for philanthropy to partner with tribal communities. 

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2019 Lauren LeRoy Health Policy Lecture: Katie M. Keith

Professor Katie M. Keith, a faculty member and researcher at Georgetown University and Health Affairs contributing editor, discusses the current role and impact of health policy litigation. Listen to the podcast of her speech delivered at the seventh annual Lauren LeRoy Health Policy Lecture at the 2019 GIH Fall Forum.

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2019 Annual Conference Plenary Remarks: Benet Magnuson

Benet Magnuson of the Kansas Appleseed Center for Law and Justice accepts the 2019 Andy Hyman Award for Advocacy.

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Reports and Surveys

Climate Change, Health, and Equity: Action Steps for Health Philanthropy

Climate change is one of the biggest health and equity issues of our time. The scale of climate change can be daunting, and some may think of the issue as the sole responsibility of federal, state, local, and tribal governments—however, philanthropy has an essential role to play.

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Gun Violence Prevention Infographic

Gun violence is a public health crisis in the United States, with approximately 120,000 Americans injured or killed by guns each year. GIH surveyed our Funding Partners in September 2020 to explore investments in gun violence prevention. The survey results have been compiled into a one-page summary infographic.

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Scan of the Field: Funder Approaches to Health Equity

Philanthropic investments in health equity are growing in response to increased national attention. In an effort to document and learn from this moment, GIH surveyed its Funding Partners at the end of 2020 to identify whether and how foundations altered their health equity programming and pivoted internally to foster more diverse and inclusive environments.

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Upcoming Webinars and Calls

Achieving an Affordable Health Care System

Join this webinar to hear about current cost drivers in the health care system, with an eye to the role philanthropy’s leaders can play.

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Tools that Heal: Core Competencies for Frontline Complex Care Providers

Join Grantmakers In Aging and Grantmakers In Health to learn about the development of these core competencies, recommendations for strengthening the complex care field, and opportunities for health and aging philanthropy to support complex care providers.

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