Focus Areas

As part of our 2025 strategic plan, Grantmakers In Health has identified five areas that are critical to achieving better health for all:

We believe that viewing our work through these lenses will allow us to emphasize equity, innovation, and responsiveness—while continuing to elevate funders’ myriad priority areas. This shift was also greatly informed by the sector’s feedback, priorities, and trends, and I hope that you, too, view the work you do—whether in behavioral health, workforce development, climate change, rural health, healthy aging, or oral health—through one or more of these lenses.

Policy and Advocacy

Grantmakers In Health’s five-year strategic plan elevates leadership and influence as one of four strategic pillars for our work. GIH seeks to take a more active role in defining the key issues that will advance better health for all and support health philanthropy with thought leadership and programming to make a lasting impact by influencing advocacy, policy, and funding in targeted areas.

Assistance Provided by GIH

Technical Assistance

GIH program staff is on-hand to help staff and trustees of foundations and corporate giving programs with questions related to health and philanthropy.

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Enhanced Technical Assistance

Designed to supplement technical assistance resources, provided by GIH staff, offers advice, consultation, and support from a team of seasoned experts who have served with distinction in senior leadership roles at health foundations.

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Peer Review

GIH’s Peer Review process engages an experienced team of foundation leaders who bring “outside eyes” to consider the strategy and operations of another foundation.

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GIH E-Forums are designed to help health funders share best practices and connect with peers on the issues and challenges that matter most.

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