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bi3 Article: Trust-Based Philanthropy is Grounded in Mutual Accountability and Learning

A new article shows how applying a trust-based philanthropy lens helps funders capture the full impact of grants, describes how bi3 evaluates initiatives, and how building funder-grantee relationships grounded in power-sharing, transparency, and mutual accountability helps achieve greater impact.

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New Competency Model for Foundation Program Officers Released

The Dorothy A. Johnson Center on Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University has released a competency model for foundation program officers.

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Taking A cultivate approach to Improve Community Health

Health foundations are increasingly recognizing that their mission is not simply to award grants to deserving nonprofit organizations, but rather to play a catalytic role in improving the conditions that influence health, especially at a population level.

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Looking Ahead: A Year of Bold Action

“Regardless of whether you are a health funder or education funder or housing funder, you are also a funder of shared prosperity. I am seeing a really encouraging move from siloed to more holistic approaches to funding.”– Marc Allen, Director of Shared Prosperity, Camber Collective The final day of the 2024 GIH Annual Conference on…

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Advancing a Movement for Health Equity

Today we welcomed over 600 attendees to our biggest and boldest Grantmakers In Health (GIH) Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy! The conference officially launched with on-site and off-site experiences to introduce attendees to Portland, community organizations, and local health initiatives. GIH Board members and staff warmly welcomed conference newcomers and left them with advice applicable to all attendees: Don’t hesitate to meet new people at the conference. These connections and shared ideas will outlast your time in Portland and advance a movement for health equity. 

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Welcome to the 2024 Grantmakers In Health Conference on Health Philanthropy!

The 2024 Grantmakers In Health Conference on Health Philanthropy, Bold Results Through Courageous Action, launched in Portland, Oregon today, Monday, June 3, 2024, with three engaging pre-conference sessions.

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Interact for Health

“When we asked our community what we should prioritize ahead of launching a new strategic plan, the response around mental health was overwhelming, especially for youth. This work is urgent and necessary, and the trends of the past few years are a call to all of us to listen to the young people in our lives and center their needs. I’m especially excited that we have co-created a 25-person Youth Action Council as part of our collaborative work on youth mental health in the region. We know that: ‘those closest to the problems are closest to solutions’ and the Youth Action Council is one way we are living out that value.”

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Exploring the Tides Foundation’s Efforts to Support Civic Engagement and Protect Reproductive Health

Funders can play a major role in promoting a healthy democracy, and increasingly, grantmakers like the Tides Foundation are investing in civic engagement. To learn more about Tides’ work in this area, along with their support of ballot initiatives on reproductive health, Grantmakers In Health’s Miranda Wesley spoke with the Tides Foundation’s Program Officer of Civic Engagement and Democracy, Beth Huang.

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Advancing Health and Creating Lasting Impact: MacKenzie Scott’s Grants to Health Foundations

In 2019, MacKenzie Scott announced that she was stepping into the world of philanthropy to give away her multi-billion-dollar fortune “until the safe is empty”. She has kept her word—to date, she has given away $16.5 billion. Her initial process for choosing which organizations would receive grants was shrouded in mystery. From 2019 to 2023, Scott used a process she termed “quiet research” to identify possible grantee organizations. The lucky organizations received a call from Scott’s consultants, who let them know they were receiving a grant for immediate use however they would like to spend it. In the Fall of 2022, Grantmakers In Health (GIH) became one of those grantee organizations, along with more than 20 health foundations. Two additional GIH Funding Partner organizations received gifts in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

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2023 Survey Summary: Climate Change Strategies

This infographic summarizes the responses to a Grantmakers In Health funder survey, conducted in May and June 2023, on how philanthropy is addressing climate change, and the barriers and opportunities that exist to support climate-related efforts.

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Update from the Field: Results of Grantmakers In Health’s 2021 Review of Health Care Conversion Foundations

GIH’s Update from the Field: Results of Grantmakers In Health’s 2021 Review of Health Care Conversion Foundations documents the continued growth and evolution of this important sector within health philanthropy. This article and foundation directory highlight the growing diversity of the field and provide benchmarking data on more than 300 foundations.

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