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Dental Therapy Toolkit

W.K. Kellogg Foundation has released a new toolkit for advocates and partners that spotlights the work of dental therapists and emphasizes how they promote economic development through job creation and business growth, expand the dental care team, and increase access to care for communities across the United States. The toolkit contains helpful fact sheets; an updated timeline; useful one-pagers on why dental therapy matters; messages that frame how dental therapists are cost-effective providers that are making a lasting difference in communities; and a suite of spotlights that feature several practicing, community dental therapists and elevate how they are reaching underserved communities, providing cost-effective care and increasing access through innovation.

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Issue Focus by Rana Suliman

Funder Strategies to Support Oral Health Care Access and Equity

Stark inequities in oral health care access and outcomes reflect the United States’ deepest societal divides and overarching social justice concerns. Health philanthropy is among the sectors aspiring to accelerate change and drive upstream solutions in a period of increasing vulnerability for communities heavily impacted by the downstream effects of oral health disparities.

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Trends in Health Philanthropy: Oral Health Care Access and Equity

We should not have to make the case for oral health programming, but the reality is that the health effects of oral health disparities are not widely recognized—despite the fact that these disparities continue to be persistent and pervasive.

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A Grantmaker Affinity Group Informs the Field, Inspires Innovation, and Ignites Action

Early and often, health funders are asked to fund oral health. It has become clear, however, that equally, if not more essential, are investments to eliminate the systemic inequities that concentrate disease in specific populations.

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What’s Coming Up in 2019 for GIH and Health Philanthropy?

In 2019, there are several trends we will be following. These trends show that, in general, funders are grappling with the changing environments of service delivery, health in communities, and organizational effectiveness.

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Connect With Funder Peers on Oral Health

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