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New Competency Model for Foundation Program Officers Released

The Dorothy A. Johnson Center on Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University has released a competency model for foundation program officers.

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Taking A cultivate approach to Improve Community Health

Health foundations are increasingly recognizing that their mission is not simply to award grants to deserving nonprofit organizations, but rather to play a catalytic role in improving the conditions that influence health, especially at a population level.

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The Foundation Review Article: How Can Foundations Promote Impactful Collaboration?

A new article examines how foundations can intentionally facilitate effectiveness among collaborative groups.

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Foundation for a Healthy High Point

Local health philanthropy has evolved over the years, moving away from funding direct services to becoming strategic change agents, offering community leadership, and promoting collaboration. Place-based health legacy foundations can leverage impact beyond our grantmaking, using our resources to help set agendas and fuel system improvements. By convening and partnering with regional nonprofits and the public and private sectors, we can achieve sustainable solutions to entrenched health challenges.

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Update from the Field: Results of Grantmakers In Health’s 2021 Review of Health Care Conversion Foundations

GIH’s Update from the Field: Results of Grantmakers In Health’s 2021 Review of Health Care Conversion Foundations documents the continued growth and evolution of this important sector within health philanthropy. This article and foundation directory highlight the growing diversity of the field and provide benchmarking data on more than 300 foundations.

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Update from the Field: Results of Grantmakers In Health’s 2021 Review of Health Care Conversion Foundations Infographic

GIH’s 2021 Update from the Field infographic offers a fresh look at this important sector within health philanthropy, documenting its continued growth. It also explores the origins, tax-exempt status, asset size, and geographic diversity of conversion foundations.

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Palm Health Foundation

Six years ago, the foundation launched our Healthier Together initiative, committing $1 million to six communities with the greatest health disparities in Palm Beach County. Healthier Together represented a radical shift in our grantmaking – we put residents at the core of developing health solutions around their own needs, rather than force-fitting a system that doesn’t always recognize the complexity, culture, context and circumstances of diverse communities.

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Trust based Philanthropy: An Overview

Trust-Based Philanthropy: An Overview

This guide, created by Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, is a useful starting point for funders who want to explore or deepen their commitment to trust-based philanthropy. It can also spark deeper discussions at grantmaking organizations around the role of leadership and staff in upholding a trust-based culture.

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7 responsibilities of a trust-based philanthropy board

Trust-Based Philanthropy Project: 7 Responsibilities of A Trust-Based Board

Much like how trust-based philanthropy advocates for funders to partner in a spirit of service to grantee partners, it equally encourages boards to see their role as partners — both to the foundation’s leadership and to its staff. This can be embodied in several ways that invite a more trust-based, meaningful, and joyful approach to serving on a foundation board.

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Leading with Intent: BoardSource Index of Nonprofit Board Practices

Based on BoardSource’s 2021 survey of nonprofit leaders, Leading with Intent: BoardSource Index of Nonprofit Board Practices, provides benchmarking data on board composition, culture, and practices. It also offers a framework for exploring key questions

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Grantmaker Focus: The Cameron Foundation

The Cameron Foundation

In addition to exposing the ongoing racial and ethnic health care disparities in our country, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how crucial palliative care is in supporting patients and families as they navigate serious illness. It has unfortunately also drawn attention to how (relatively) few clinicians are trained in providing palliative care.

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Views from the Field by TKI Fellows

The Moment to Transform Health Philanthropy Is Here

Moving towards sustained and authentic relationship-building with community partners requires that we examine and shift away from practices, policies, and behaviors that prioritize the transactional components of grantmaking. To do this, we must acknowledge and confront power where it lies within our foundations and work at all levels of the organization to truly make this shift.

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