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President Biden’s FY24 Budget Proposal for DHHS

On March 9, the White House released President Biden’s FY24 budget proposal, which outlines the Administration’s funding priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. While Congress is likely to make significant changes, the administration’s recommendations provide an important first step in the federal budget process. A summary of budget requests for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can be found in this Budget in Brief document.

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Announcing GIH’s 2023 Policy Priorities: Using Our Voice to Make Systemic Changes

When we launched our strategic plan, we noted that to achieve our vision of better health for all through better philanthropy we would need to use our voice to take a more active role to influence advocacy, policy, and funding in targeted areas that will advance health and make a lasting, measurable impact. Our current health “system” is not designed to promote health and wellness, but to provide care once a person is sick, and it is built on a foundation of inequity based on health coverage, or a lack thereof.

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Funding Health Advocacy in Turbulent Times: Three Practices to Adopt

Effective health advocacy is not an easy endeavor, but when executed correctly, the results can be game-changing. Health advocates, whether operating through organizations, coalitions, campaigns, or movements, are accustomed to spending long periods of time with no outwardly visible activity or tangible progress, followed by an immediate sense of urgency and action to seize a window of opportunity. In many ways COVID-19 was one of those windows with phrases like health disparities becoming crystal clear to many.

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Promoting Health Equity and Combating Racism Through Health Policy

Not every foundation is comfortable with trying to affect health policy.

Nevertheless, for philanthropies committed to promoting health equity, shaping governmental action at every level is a powerful tool that deserves close examination.

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Connect With Funder Peers on Advocacy Strategies

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