The SCAN Foundation: September 2023


The SCAN Foundation published a report analyzing 2014-2020 Health and Retirement Study (HRS) data. The analysis found racial inequities in telehealth, access to care, and health status during the first year of the pandemic. In 2020, non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic adults over 50 experienced worse self-reported health status, used less telehealth, delayed care more, and were less likely to have their care preferences considered compared to their white counterparts.

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Health Philanthropy Impacting the Health and Well-Being of Family Caregivers

More than 53 million Americans—21 percent of the US population—are caregivers for loved ones who are older adults or adults living with chronic, disabling, or serious health conditions. Increasingly, the US health and long-term care systems rely on family caregivers. In 2017, family caregivers in the US provided a staggering 80 percent of long-term care, valued at $470 billion, and in 2021, 38 million family caregivers spent 36 billion hours caring for older adults, amounting to an estimated $600 billion in unpaid caregiving.

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Funder Support for Health Care Transformation

This infographic summarizes the responses to a Grantmakers In Health funder poll, conducted October 2022, on how philanthropy is supporting health care transformation efforts, especially those concerned with improving quality of life, coordinating complex care, and taking patient preferences into account.

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