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Exploring GIH’s Policy Priorities for 2023

GIH has developed a policy agenda that explicitly identifies our public policy priorities for the coming year. This policy agenda will guide our programming, communications, and advocacy efforts. During this session, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about GIH’s public policy goals and objectives for 2023 and provide input on our activities to…

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Responding to the Monkeypox Virus Outbreak

This webinar brought together activists, researchers, and funders to discuss the critical role philanthropy can play in addressing stigma, supporting prevention outreach and vaccine equity, as well as providing unrestricted support to community-led organizations engaged in the response.

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Local Impact Investing Models for Health Conversion Foundations

LOCUS Impact Investing and Grantmakers In Health held a virtual – and conversational – learning session designed to identify guideposts for best practice by health conversion foundation local investors.

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Aligning Your Company’s and Foundation’s Social Impact Strategies

In this webinar, we explored how the Florida Blue Foundation and its parent company conducted a social impact strategy refresh related to corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and corporate governance.

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Advancing State Data Collection on Opioid Treatment

This webinar learned about a national initiative launched by the Pew Charitable Trusts that offers states a core set of metrics to track opioid treatment access and use. Presenters described how better data collection can target critically needed progress and discuss the role philanthropy can play in these efforts.

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2022 Annual Conference Strategy Session Highlights: Advancing LGBTQI+ Health Equity

Admiral Rachel Levine opened a special strategy session discussing the acute health needs of LGBTQI+ communities, recent threats to LGBTQI+ equality and well-being, and promising philanthropic strategies to secure LGBTQI+ health equity. Levine’s remarks are excerpted here.

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Public Health After COVID-19: What’s Our North Star?

The closing plenary highlighted the public health challenges that have gone unaddressed while our attention has been focused on COVID-19, what we need to do to rebuild the public health system, and how to address our critical workforce needs in the wake of the pandemic.

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Divided We Stand: Misinformation, Mistrust, and Our Inability to Solve Our Health Challenges

This important plenary discussion delved into the misinformation crisis affecting public health, the public’s increasing mistrust of expertise, and how we can navigate and bridge our nation’s growing divides.

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LGBTQ and Racial Equity: Two Sides of the Same Coin

This plenary covered recent policy threats affecting LGBTQ and BIPOC communities and explored how philanthropy can help build alliances that change systems and advance health equity for all.

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Terrance Keenan Leadership Award in Health Philanthropy and the Andy Hyman Award for Advocacy 2022 Recipients

This special plenary luncheon honored the winners of GIH’s 2022 awards: Janice B. Yost and Evelyn Delgado.

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Advancing Equitable, Quality Care for People with Serious Illness

This dynamic conversation explored the challenges people with serious illness face in receiving quality care, why addressing these needs is critical to achieving health equity, and where there are opportunities for philanthropy to chart a better path forward.

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