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Three Years Later, Funding Social Movements Matters More Than Ever (Two-Part Series)

Join us for a two-part virtual, interactive series to explore social movements, the needs of movement leaders, and promising practices from funders.  

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Roundtable Discussion for Funders with Less Than $30 million in Assets

Participants joined this informal networking session to talk with their peers about cost-effective ways to strengthen their organization’s communications capacity.

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Workforce Policy Advisory Group Discussion

During this webinar, participants shared their advice and insights on high-impact policy changes to further health workforce development.

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Farm Bill Platforms from the Field – Strengthening Food and Nutrition Security

Leaders from the field convened for a conversation with experts from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), Fair Food Network, and the Bipartisan Policy Center, who provided insight into the current nutrition policy landscape in Congress, the priorities each organization is advocating for in the 2023 Farm Bill, and how funders can support efforts to strengthen food and nutrition security in communities across the country.

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Roundtable Discussion for Health Funders’ Policy Staff

During this informal roundtable discussion, participants connected with their peers, shared pressing issues, and helped plan a networking session to be convened at the GIH Annual Conference.

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Accelerating Healthy Aging for All Through Impact Investing

Leaders from the field convened for a conversation on how funders can leverage impact investing to advance their missions.

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Supporting Communities to Leverage Federal Food and Nutrition Opportunities

Leaders from the field explored the current federal options to support food access and nutrition and how philanthropy can better help support communities. 

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Preventing Toxic Petrochemical Rail Disasters

During this webinar, speakers provided an overview of the key stakeholders involved in determining rail safety, the state and federal hazardous materials transport policies that govern their actions, and recommendations for immediate and decisive action by government and industry.

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State Policies to Improve Maternal and Infant Health

During this session, participants learned more about the state policy landscape related to maternal and infant health and explore how health funders can advance health-promoting policies.

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Multisector Plans for Aging: A Global Perspective

Grantmakers In Aging and Grantmakers In Health convened a conversation around planning efforts worldwide, philanthropy’s role in catalyzing multi-sector plans, and the feasibility of a national U.S. plan for aging.

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CalAIM, Street Medicine, and Homeless Services

This webinar focused on the intersection of CalAIM and street medicine—an emerging movement to provide direct care services to homeless individuals.

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