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Addressing the Dental and Medical Workforce Needs of Rural Communities

August 16, 2012 12:00 pm Eastern Time

GIH Oral Health Audioconference Series


  • Laurel Petralia, The Colorado Trust
  • Michael Scholtz, East Carolina University
  • Deb Watne, Dakota Medical Foundation


Access to dental and medical providers is an on-going challenge that has plagued rural communities for decades. Many communities do not have local dentists or physicians, and many of the communities that do are faced with the likelihood that retirements will leave vacancies that may never be filled. With more rural communities relying on fewer providers and resources, the strain on rural health systems is tremendous. There are a number of promising strategies to reverse this trend, and philanthropy can play a critical role.

On this webinar, we will explore how the health and dental workforces in rural communities can be improved through innovations in programs and policy, including the role of funders and the promising areas they can consider for investment.

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