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Seizing the Moment: Using Pop Culture to Amplify Your Message

March 21, 2017 12:30 pm Eastern Time

Spitfire Strategies recently launched AndACTION, a pop culture hub that gives nonprofits inside information about their issues in upcoming and recent film or TV storylines. AndACTION hunts down leads and suggests creative ways to use them for maximum impact. By connecting changemakers and storytellers, this tool helps nonprofits capture popular cultural moments to amplify their message. Funders learned how Unbound Philanthropy leveraged the power of entertainment, advertising, and media to shift how people understand the present reality—and imagine the future—of American society. This webinar also explored how foundations can use pop culture—those movie and TV moments everyone is talking and tweeting about—as a vehicle to stimulate dialogue and build momentum on important health issues. 

Speakers included: Adey Fisseha of Unbound Philanthropy, Kristen Grimm of Spitfire Strategies, and Twanna Hines of AndACTION.

Additional Resources: 

Report: Pop Culture Works for Social Change

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