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Making Neighborhoods Healthy: Investing in Housing Affordability and Mobility

April 18, 2017 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Safe, affordable, and stable housing is essential to improving the health of communities. In many neighborhoods, however, rising housing costs, residential segregation, and decades of disinvestment have led to stark health disparities for low-income individuals, people of color, and other vulnerable populations.

This webinar taught us about emerging research and interventions that address the health impact of affordable housing, fair housing, and housing mobility. The webinar also explored how funders, advocates, and community development partners can collaborate across sectors to fuel investment in health and housing. Speakers included: Megan Haberle and Philip Tegeler of the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, Noelle St.Clair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and Terry Staudenmaier of The Abell Foundation.

Additional Resources: 

Following the Money: An Analysis of Foundation Grantmaking for Community and Economic Development

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: Community Development Data Dashboard

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