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Using the Telenovela to Increase Latino Enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP

February 16, 2012 1:00 pm Eastern Time

GIH Disparities Audioconference Series   

Thursday, February 16 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern / 12:00 p.m. Central / 11:00 a.m. Mountain / 10:00 a.m. Pacific     

Kelly Dunkin, The Colorado Health Foundation 
Mariana Enriquez-Olmos, Program Evaluation Consultant 
Anne Smith, Evolve Communications

Recognizing both its popularity and effectiveness at improving knowledge and influencing health behavior for the Spanish-speaking Hispanic/Latino population, the Colorado Health Foundation partnered with Evolve Communication, Entravision (parent company of Univision), and the state Medicaid agency to create 12, half-hour episodes of a telenovela for broadcast on Univision Colorado. The telenovela, a popular format among the Spanish-speaking community, promoted insurance enrollment and health information as a central part of its story line. Statistically significant change was experienced among viewers’ behavior related to disease management, healthy living, and seeking enrollment in public health insurance as a result of watching the telenovela. Join us to learn more about Encrucijada and explore how to adapt and license the series for broadcast in your own community. 

To register for this audioconference, please email You will receive call-in information and related resource materials a few days before the call.

Clips from Encrucijada Sin Salud, No Hay Nada Telenovela



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