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Strategic Thinking for Health Funders


  • Guide to Impact Investing
    April 19, 2017
    Faith Mitchell, Grantmakers In Health
    Meryl Dann, Grantmakers In Health

    This report builds on the 2011 GIH Guide to Impact Investing report with new information about the growth of the impact investment field, case studies of recent innovative investment techniques and projects, and an appendix on terminology, investment portfolio approaches, and strategies for financing impact investments.

    PDF Format Guide to Impact Investing 2017 — 186KB
    Subject Areas: Foundation Operations


  • Exiting Thoughtfully
    October 20, 2015
    Elizabeth Docteur, Grantmakers In Health

    Foundations that have adopted a limited-life approach have employed a number of principles to guide them in wrapping up their work. Several of these guidelines offer best practices for funders who are exiting from a field or retiring from grantmaking altogether. These lessons may in some cases also be relevant for foundations transitioning from an ongoing support model to a model of one-time/high-impact grants.

    PDF Format Exiting Thoughtfully
    Subject Areas: Foundation Operations






  • Raising the Value of Philanthropy
    March 21, 2001

    This report, based on a series of interviews with leaders in health philanthropy, focuses on the characteristics of foundation programs and assessment strategies that appear to be most effective.  It considers some of the seminal challenges facing the field and offers insights on operational structures and styles.

    PDF Format January 1999 — 173KB
    Subject Areas: Foundation Operations

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