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Revised IRS Form 990: What Foundations Need to Know

The IRS Form 990 is an important source of information about a foundation’s governance, programs, and operations for federal and state regulators, as well as the media and the public. Tax-exempt organizations, including foundations, also file the return to maintain their tax-exempt status.

In 2009 some foundations will be required to file the revised IRS Form 990 for fiscal year 2008 activities. These changes are particularly relevant for foundations designated as public charities and those with donor advised funds. It is important to note that there have been no changes to the Form 990-PF--the form filed by private foundations.

Foundations must use the revised Form 990 if:

  • the foundation has annual receipts of $1 million or more, or assets of $2.5 million or more;
  • the foundation maintains any donor advised funds;
  • the foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 509(a)(3) – specifically if it is a supporting organizations that qualifies as a public charity – or 512(b)(13), which is a controlling organization; or
  • the foundation is not recognized as a private foundation as described under section 509(a) of the tax code.


The revised Form 900 includes changes in reporting requirements and to the Schedules. Several new Schedules were also added. Key changes in reporting requirements include information on governance and compensation of officers, directors, trustees, key employees, and highest compensated employees. Other substantial changes include determination of public charity status and public support; reporting of supplemental financial statements; and information on fundraising, special events, and gaming.




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