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Aguilar, Orson, Tomasa Duenas, Brenda Flores, et al.,Fairness in Philanthropy: Part II: Perspectives from the Field (Berkley, CA: Greenlining Institute, 2005). This report discusses the results of a Greenlining Institute survey of minority nonprofit leaders and foundation presidents on their personal perspectives related to foundation funding for minority-led nonprofits, the role of foundations and minority-led nonprofits in developing civic participation in communities of color, funding for advocacy and public policy in communities of color, and the effect of foundation board and staff diversity on grantmaking.

Alliance for Justice, Build Your Advocacy Grantmaking: Advocacy Evaluation Tool & Advocacy Capacity Assessment Tool (Washington, DC: 2005). Concerned about how to measure the effectiveness of your advocacy grantmaking? Developed with input from advocates and funders, this report was designed to help funders get information they need about the results of their advocacy grantmaking. Available for purchase on-line at referrer_level_id=7332&ref_color=red&ref_name=research_publications&inform=1.

Alliance for Justice, Support Grantees that Lobby, And You Know What Will Happen? Better Public Policy (Washington, DC: 2002). This brochure tells how foundations can support nonprofits that lobby and answers questions foundation boards and staff may have about legally supporting nonprofit public policy work.

Consumers Union, Grantmaking Accountability Template: The California Endowment Case Study (San Francisco, CA: 2003). Consumers Union conducted this case study, with the aid of The California Endowment, to develop and test the Grantmaking Accountability Template – a tool developed for categorizing a foundation's grantmaking to provide an objective basis on which communities and foundations can engage in conversation about meeting community needs.

Enright, Kathleen, Investing in Leadership: Inspiration and Ideas from Philanthropy's Latest Frontier (Washington, DC: Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, 2006). This publication examines how leadership development drivers organizational effectiveness and how grantmakers are beginning to invest in new and more robust leadership models to help their grantees reach their goals.

The Foundation Center, Practice Matters (Washington, DC). The Practice Matters project represents a collective field-building effort involving more than 150 grantmakers, scholars, and other experts who set out to fill the gap in knowledge about the fundamental foundation practices that lead to good grantmaking. Titles include The Capacity Building Challenge; Ideas in Philanthropic Field-Building: Where They Come from and How They Are Translated into Actions; Experienced Grantmakers at Work: When Creativity Comes Into Play; and Toward Greater Effectiveness in Community Change: Challenges and Responses for Philanthropy.

GrantCraft, GrantCraft Guides. A project of the Ford Foundation, GrantCraft produces a series of guides, each focused on a different grantmaking topic. These guides are based on actual grantmaker experiences and told in their voices. They offer a wide range of actions, interventions, and strategies that grantmakers use to be more effective. Titles include Using Competitions & Requests for Proposals, Grant Making with a Gender Lens; Working with Start-Ups; Providing for the Long Term; Saying Yes / Saying No to Applicants; When Projects Flounder; Mapping Change: Using a Theory of Change to Guide Planning and Evaluation; and Building Community Inside & Out.

Huang, Judy, Phil Buchanan, and Ellie Butteau, In Search of Impact: Practices and Perceptions in Foundations' Provision of Program and Operating Grants to Nonprofits (Boston, MA: Center for Effective Philanthropy, 2006). The report explores what motivates foundation CEOs in their decision-making, examining the tension between CEO's sense of what is best for their foundations and what they believe will make the most positive impact on grantee organizations. It also looks at the grantee perspective through an analysis of thousands of survey responses and a set of interviews with nonprofit leaders. The report is available on-line at

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