May 2021


Heat waves, poor air quality, severe weather, and the spread of infectious diseases are just a few of the ways that climate change is significantly impacting individual and community health. Without increased action, climate change will continue to disrupt daily lives, devastate infrastructure, and exacerbate health disparities. To help health funders meet this critical moment, GIH partnered with seven philanthropy support organizations to develop a funder toolkit on climate, health, and equity. The toolkit offers an overview of the current funding landscape, hubs of collaboration, and resources available by issue focus, geographical region, and impacted populations. Placing equity at the forefront, the toolkit also seeks to highlight how communities on the frontlines are leading cross-sector solutions. Investing at the Frontlines of Climate Change: Funder Toolkit on Climate, Health and Equity is cocreated by Biodiversity Funders Group, Climate and Energy Funders Group, Environmental Grantmakers Association, Grantmakers In Health, Health & Environmental Funders Network, Philanthropy California, Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funders, and The Funders Network.

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