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Elevating Equity in Children and Families Grantmaking

August 25, 2021

Many funders are interested in supporting health equity in their grantmaking directed to children and families. How can they put equity “front and center: in their work? What are the best ways to incorporate the views of parents and caregivers? In this on-demand webinar, participants will hear about one funder’s efforts to ensure that all families have access to the resources they need to raise thriving children, with a health equity lens at the center of their internal and external work. In particular, participants will hear about a new study, “Raising the Next Generation,” which surveyed parents and caregivers directly about their aspirations for their children, the challenges they face, and what enables their families to thrive. The featured speaker is Kerry Anne McGeary, Deputy Director in the Healthy Children and Families program unit at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.