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Including the Person in Person-Centered Care

Cosponsored with Grantmakers In Aging

“Person-centered” can feel like a buzz word rather than a practical approach to improving care for people with complex needs. Person-centered care by its very nature needs to engage care recipients as equal partners in the planning, developing, monitoring, and evaluation of care as well as in policy and programmatic discussions that impact delivery systems for high-need, high-cost individuals. To truly achieve person-centered care, we must ensure the voices of older adults and others with complex care needs are at the center of local, state, and federal efforts to deliver care that people want, need, and deserve, and that they hold true decisionmaking power. Learn about our discussion on successful and effective strategies to authentically partner with people with complex needs and truly advance person-centered policy and programming. Speakers included Ann Hwang of Community Catalyst, Melinda Karp of Commonwealth Care Alliance, and Susan Mende of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.