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Learning from New State Initiatives in Financing Long-Term Services and Supports

October 19, 2020 1:00 pm Eastern

Cosponsored with Grantmakers In Aging

One of the biggest challenges facing individuals, families, and policymakers is how to pay for long-term services and supports. Current federal policies do not adequately meet the needs of individuals and communities, which has caused several pioneering states to move forward with innovative new approaches to financing these vital supports and services. Participants learned the efforts of six such states, including the important lessons, opportunities, and challenges they have faced in moving reform initiatives forward. On this webinar, leaders explored the role of philanthropy in pursuing systems reform at the local and state levels. Speakers included Marc Cohen of UMass Boston and Community Catalyst, Ann Hwang of Community Catalyst, Bea Rector of Washington State’s Home and Community Services Division and Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, and Nina Weiler-Harwell of AARP California.