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Protecting Public Health and Safety in the Event of Toxic Petrochemical Rail Disasters

March 7, 2023  2:00 – 3:15 pm ET

Cosponsored by Health and Environmental Funders Network, The Funders Network, Climate and Energy Funders Group, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders, Philanthropy Ohio, and Neighborhood Funders Group Midwest Organizing Infrastructure Funders

During this webinar, participants heard from public health experts and leaders providing real-time guidance for ground-zero and near-field communities impacted by events in East Palestine, Ohio, who, over the past decade, have championed responsive public safety policies for the Ohio River Valley region and other industrialized high-risk areas in the US. Experts will assess the state and federal senate emergency response and provide recommendations to inform campaigns for change. Speakers included Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis of Women for a Healthy Environment, Alison Steele of Environmental Health Project, Jimena Díaz Leiva of Center for Environmental Health, and Heather McTeer Toney of Environmental Defense Fund.