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GIH Annual Conference Reimagined Content for "Creating a Healthy Tomorrow"

This content was originally slated for the 2020 GIH Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

State Budgets Post-Crisis & Medicaid: What Families Can Expect

Wednesday, July 8th, 2:00 p.m. EST

Cosponsored by the Children, Youth and Families Funders Roundtable and Economic Opportunity Funders (EOF)

The economic fallout from the COVID-19 crisis is projected to deeply impact state budgets for years. This likely means budget cuts. As Medicaid is a large portion of state budgets, it is one area likely to be affected, but how? What will state budget cuts mean for children and families? Featured speakers included Joan Alker and Edwin Park of the Georgetown Center for Children and Families and Judy Solomon of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.