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GIH Annual Conference Reimagined Content for "Creating a Healthy Tomorrow"

This content was originally slated for the 2020 GIH Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When Two Public Health Crises Collide: COVID-19 and Gun Violence    

June 18, 2020, 3:00 pm Eastern Time

With COVID-19 spreading throughout our country, people are trying to adapt to home isolation and are stocking up on supplies like toilet paper and canned goods—and guns. If history is our guide, the surge in gun purchases in response to the COVID-19 pandemic could be followed by an increase in intimate partner violence, suicides, and hate crimes. This convergence of two public health crises portends tragic results, especially for those most vulnerable in our society.  During this webinar, participants learned more about the importance of addressing gun violence in the midst of a global pandemic and how we can ensure safe and healthy communities now and long after the virus runs its course. Speakers included Alex Johnson of The California Wellness Foundation, Brian Malte of the Hope and Heal Fund, and Amoretta Morris of The Annie E. Casey Foundation.