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Youth Wellness: Addressing Trauma and Promoting Whole Health

July 24, 2014 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress profoundly affect the physical, behavioral, and social health of children and families. Prevention and early intervention are paramount to mitigating the negative impacts of trauma and building resilience and lifelong health. Listen to this webinar to learn about two community-based models using trauma-informed care approaches to support wellness in children and caregivers. The Center for Youth Wellness, led by pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris, utilizes a multidisciplinary, two-generation approach that integrates primary care with a range of wellness practices including, mindfulness techniques, mental health coping skills, and psychotherapy. Head Start-Trauma Smart, led by the Crittenton Children’s Center, is an early childhood trauma intervention within Head Start classrooms that teaches skills and self-care techniques for responding to the emotional and learning challenges associated with trauma. Speakers include Tuere Anderson of the Center for Youth Wellness and Janine Hron of Crittenton Children’s Center. 

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