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Ideas & Impact

Ideas & Impact

As grantmakers experiment with different funding strategies and work with various allies and partners, it becomes increasingly important for them to record and share information about their early ideas and eventual impact. This section of the GIH website focuses on which grants and initiatives are the most and least effective and why, through case studies, candid reflections, and a catalog of nascent ideas.

Case Studies

Most health foundations pride themselves on being champions of innovation and understand the challenges of identifying, cultivating, disseminating, and sustaining innovative health care practices. In the interest of facilitating philanthropic strategies that both promote innovation and speed the pace of development and dissemination, GIH compiles stories of innovative service delivery models that represent a significant departure from traditional practice, have been found effective through robust evaluative methods, have been brought to (or near) scale in their respective communities, have been replicated (or are being replicated) in other sites, and have benefitted from foundation funding.


Strategic Thinking for Health Funders

These publications provide insight on critical challenges facing health philanthropy, lessons learned about various funding strategies, and opportunities for grantmakers.


Inside Stories

GIH’s Inside Stories series provides assessments of the tensions and questions related to accountability, evaluation, and expectations that many health funders encounter.


Compelling Concepts

Because we are eager to showcase as many of philanthropy’s ideas as we possibly can, we invited those who could not present at the GIH Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy to highlight their work in this online listing of Compelling Concepts. Feel free to contact them to learn more about their work.