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bi3 Article: Trust-Based Philanthropy is Grounded in Mutual Accountability and Learning

A new article shows how applying a trust-based philanthropy lens helps funders capture the full impact of grants, describes how bi3 evaluates initiatives, and how building funder-grantee relationships grounded in power-sharing, transparency, and mutual accountability helps achieve greater impact.

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New Competency Model for Foundation Program Officers Released

The Dorothy A. Johnson Center on Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University has released a competency model for foundation program officers.

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Taking A cultivate approach to Improve Community Health

Health foundations are increasingly recognizing that their mission is not simply to award grants to deserving nonprofit organizations, but rather to play a catalytic role in improving the conditions that influence health, especially at a population level.

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Novo Nordisk, Inc.

We are excited about the new direction NNI is taking with our charitable giving strategy, focusing on reducing the burden of chronic disease for vulnerable populations. By committing funding to projects specifically geared toward prevention by way of community-based health education and nutrition equity/food access, we are focused on supporting capacity building of local, on-the-ground organizations to design solutions tailored for the needs of the communities they serve. This in turn is designed to ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

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Funding Health Advocacy in Turbulent Times: Three Practices to Adopt

Effective health advocacy is not an easy endeavor, but when executed correctly, the results can be game-changing. Health advocates, whether operating through organizations, coalitions, campaigns, or movements, are accustomed to spending long periods of time with no outwardly visible activity or tangible progress, followed by an immediate sense of urgency and action to seize a window of opportunity. In many ways COVID-19 was one of those windows with phrases like health disparities becoming crystal clear to many.

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Promoting Health Equity and Combating Racism Through Health Policy

Not every foundation is comfortable with trying to affect health policy.

Nevertheless, for philanthropies committed to promoting health equity, shaping governmental action at every level is a powerful tool that deserves close examination.

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Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts

The opioid crisis is a wide-ranging public health crisis that will require many different approaches and disciplines to effect real change. It will require bringing together and highlighting the intersections of physical and mental health, social determinants of health, and long-standing policies including those on criminal justice and access to treatment. To that end, many health funders can find a role to play that contributes to reducing mortality and increasing well-being, even if they do not consider themselves opioid use disorder funders.

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CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure Joins GIH Fall Forum

We are excited to announce that Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), will deliver the Lauren LeRoy Health Policy Lecture at GIH’s upcoming Fall Forum.

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GIH in Nonprofit Quarterly: Health Funders Call on Philanthropy to Support Power Building

The 2022 Grantmakers In Health (GIH) annual conference was the subject of a September 19, 2022 Nonprofit Quarterly article exploring health philanthropy’s changing approach to community engagement, as well as the role of health conversion foundations in the field.

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Reports and Publications

GIH Bulletin: October 2022

Every year around this time, we participate in a time-honored process of voting for candidates we believe align with our values. As people across the country prepare to vote in state and local elections, those of us working in health philanthropy should take a moment to reflect on what we can do to support policies to advance better health outcomes.

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Update from the Field: Results of Grantmakers In Health’s 2021 Review of Health Care Conversion Foundations

GIH’s Update from the Field: Results of Grantmakers In Health’s 2021 Review of Health Care Conversion Foundations documents the continued growth and evolution of this important sector within health philanthropy. This article and foundation directory highlight the growing diversity of the field and provide benchmarking data on more than 300 foundations.

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