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2014 GIH Annual Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia

March 5 - 7, 2014


The Power of Voice
Foundations and corporate giving programs wield enormous influence. At their best, they use this influence to search for next generation ideas; test new models and bring them to scale; and take advantage of philanthropy’s staying power to strengthen community resiliency, build new fields of work, and focus on issues over time.
With this great influence, however, comes a great responsibility: to take an active role in securing positive change. When, where, and how should philanthropy use the power of its voice? When, where, and how should it lift up the voice of others? These questions inspired lively discussion within the field.
The 2014 GIH annual meeting The Power of Voice, held March 5-7, reflected on the power of voice in all of its manifestations.






Who Attended
Meet our speakers and discussion leaders! In total over 500 individuals from national, regional, and local grantmaking foundations and corporate giving programs attended. Download the (pre-registered) participant directory by name and by state.



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