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COVID-19 Community Response: Emerging Themes Across Sentinel Communities

A COVID-19 Synthesis Report, released in July 2021, summarizes the yearlong path that nine of these communities traveled with respect to COVID-19 vaccination, health and well-being, economic recovery, equitable housing, and in-person schooling.

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The Conversation/La ConversaciĂłn

Latinx doctors, nurses and promotoras provide facts and dispel misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines.

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New Campaign Seeks to Address Black Communities’ Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines

Black people are much more likely than other Americans to contract, be hospitalized for, and die from COVID-19. A new campaign, THE CONVERSATION: Between Us, About Us, is aiming to bridge the information gap between Black communities and trusted health experts.

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Lessons from a Long Season of Disaster Response

By the time this article is published, we’ll be marking several anniversaries of devastating natural disasters in Louisiana, all of which arrived late in summer. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita infamously decimated the Southern Louisiana area in 2005. Fifteen years later, in the span of just two consecutive summers, Hurricanes Laura, Delta, Zeta, and Ida battered a weary state still mired in the thick of COVID-19.

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Blue Cross of Massachusetts Foundation: June 2022

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation released a report outlining key strategies for maintaining Medicaid coverage when the federal government ends the COVID-19 public health emergency, a regulatory transition that will put many eligible individuals at risk of becoming uninsured.

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Aligning Efforts to Achieve Equitable Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health and Well-Being for Children and Youth

A mental, emotional, and behavioral (MEB) health crisis among children and youth has emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting a significant concern and an opportunity for improving care and support for children and young people. In March 2022, Nemours Children’s Health and Grantmakers In Health cosponsored an invitational virtual meeting of funders focused on opportunities for systems change. Feedback from the convening was used to develop this report, which issues a call to action for philanthropic organizations and public-sector partners that are ready to move forward in improving MEB health. It describes existing philanthropic and federal MEB initiatives based on information gathered from policy scans, interviews, focus groups, and a convening of philanthropic organizations. Finally, it offers a potential portfolio of aligned strategies for private- and public-sector partners to consider.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Aging and Older Adults Grantmaking Survey

To better understand how philanthropy has responded to these challenges over the course of the pandemic, Grantmakers In Health and Grantmakers In Aging launched a joint survey in November 2021 to learn how health and aging funders are addressing COVID-19 related needs among older adult populations and potential long-term impacts on future grantmaking.

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How Local Health Departments Can Commit to Transformative Change through Racial Healing

In this new era of public health care and practice, as our global community continues to endure the impact of a pandemic, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to ensure we do not fall back into old patterns. This is our chance as a larger health-focused collective to use our expertise, influence, and resources to change the landscape of health. Governmental agencies, nonprofits, clinical and non-clinical groups, and funders have an important role in the future of public health.

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