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Beyond Access: Family Centered Care

This GIH Issue Focus explores family centered care, an approach to health care delivery that offers a new way of thinking about the relationships between families and health care providers.

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Early Childhood Development: Opportunities for Improving the Field

Much is known about the process of child development, and how many factors – health, parental involvement, economic status, and the environment, among others – can affect future outcomes. Based on a 2000 Issue Dialogue, this Issue Focus explores the importance of good health for young children, suggests common elements of successful child development programs, and discusses strategies and opportunities for grantmakers interested in this field.

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Youth Mentoring: Creative Strategies for Promoting Youth Health

This GIH Issue Focus describes the methods and strategies of youth mentoring programs, research findings on program effectiveness, and foundation support of youth mentoring programs.

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Prevention and Women’s Health: Can Philanthropy Make a Difference?

This GIH Issue Focus makes the case for funding in prevention and women’s health and describes approaches being taken by grantmakers.

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Childhood Immunization: Protecting Individuals and Communities

Childhood immunizations are one of the greatest public health achievements in modern times. Questions, however, have been raised about the value and safety of specific vaccines – underscoring the need for balanced, accurate information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent. 

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Connect With Funder Peers on Children and Families

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