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October 2016

The Colorado Health Foundation (Denver)

The Colorado Health Foundation recently asked its grantees to participate in a survey, conducted by the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), which was intended to answer questions related to its overall impact as a philanthropic organization. Key findings from the report point to what is working well and areas for improvement:

  • According to the CEP dataset, the foundation rated higher than other funders for the following:
    • Higher than 70 percent for its impact on grantees' fields and top 20 percent of funders for its impact on grantees' organizations
    • Receive a higher than typical monetary return on the hours they invest in the foundation's processes over the lifetime of their grant
    • Higher than typical ratings for the extent to which the foundation has affected public policy in their fields
  • However, the foundation rated lower than typical in comparison to other funders for the following:
    • Bottom 25 percent compared to other funders regarding its openness to grantees' ideas about its strategy
    • Lower than typical for its understanding of grantees' local communities, especially for grantees working in rural areas of the state
    • Bottom 10 percent of funders for the foundation’s understanding of the social, cultural, and socioeconomic factors impacting the work of grantees

The foundation uses a variety of tools to achieve impact, such as program-related investments, policy and advocacy, and communications. Visit the link below for more information, or to access the full, unedited report.

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