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August 2017

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation (Boston, MA)

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation released a primer designed to increase understanding of the behavioral health care system in Massachusetts and the issues affecting access to care for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. It is intended to serve as a foundation for future work focused on behavioral health system solutions.

This resource provides a brief background on the state’s behavioral health system, a historical overview of policy changes that have affected access to behavioral health care, and a review of prevalence data highlighting trends in mental health and substance use disorders. The remaining sections present state specific data on four primary factors affecting access to behavioral health care: workforce capacity, system capacity, affordability, and quality. It concludes with a review of the gaps in available data on these topics and behavioral health care generally, which limits the ability to provide a comprehensive account of the behavioral health system and client access.

Download Access to Behavioral Health Care in Massachusetts: The Basics.

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New York State Health Foundation (New York, NY)

The New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) has released a snapshot of health and demographic information on the more than 800,000 veterans that call New York state home. The aggregated data, compiled from recently released information from the Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Census Bureau, and other sources, paint a clearer portrait of New York’s veterans. This snapshot offers timely information and statistics on the state's diverse population of former service members, as well as their health care needs, experiences, and preferences. 

Download the snapshot.

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