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November 2017

Blue Cross of California Foundation (San Francisco, CA)

Blue Shield of California Foundation sponsored a survey of adult Californians to understand their views on sexism, inequality, and domestic violence. The survey also looked at actions Californians are willing to take when faced with domestic violence in their own lives as well as broader political actions they might take on this issue.

Download the report.

Contact: Christine Maulhart
Phone: 415.229.6145

Episcopal Health Foundation (Houston, TX)

The Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF) significantly expanded the variety and geographic reach of its investments in 2016, including overseeing nearly $30 million total in community investments. That is just one of the conclusions of EHF’s 2016 Evaluation Report, which measured the impact and effectiveness of the foundation’s wide range of investments across 57 Texas counties.

The report found that EHF interacted with more than 750 organizations in 2016 through its investments in grants, research, community convening, training, and work with Episcopal congregations.

EHF’s evaluation team developed the framework for the foundation’s strategic learning and evaluation system in 2015. EHF’s yearly evaluation reports examine how well its resources have been deployed, assess the outcomes of its investments and community impact, and evaluate the impact of the mission moving forward.

EHF’s 2016 Evaluation Report shows the foundation’s investments included work with:

  • 174 organizations participating in community convening projects
  • 138 Episcopal churches
  • 126 grant partners
  • 61 organizations taking part in community engagement training sessions
  • 35 organizations participating in community research projects

Compared to 2015, the EHF’s report found the foundation considerably increased the geographic reach of its investments.

Contact: Brian Sasser
Phone: 832.795.9404