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Impact Investing Opportunities to Advance Water, Health, and Equity

A new report from the Environmental Policy Innovation Center and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation outlines ways that philanthropy can use strategic investments to help ensure that drinking water is safe for all.

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RRF Foundation for Aging Releases Call to Action to Address Older Adult Debt Burden

In a new Call to Action, RRF Foundation for Aging illuminates a problem hidden for too long – older adult debt – and calls on advocates, researchers, service providers, funders and others to get involved with addressing this urgent issue.

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Task Force Releases Report to Inform White House Conference

Authored by the Task Force on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, “Ambitious, Actionable Recommendations to End Hunger, Advance Nutrition, and Improve Health in the United States” offers policy recommendations and actions to advance the goals of the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health to end hunger, improve nutrition, and reduce diet-related diseases in the United States by 2030.

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People, Wildlife, and Ecosystems: Health for One, Health for All

The field of ecological health recognizes that the physical
well-being of people, nonhuman animals, and their habitats are inseparable. This is a profoundly different notion
from the conventional view of health, in which physicians,
nurses, and others treat human ills; veterinarians tend to the
health of livestock, pets, and wildlife; and conservation biologists
and ecologists address habitat health. But the more we learn
about health, the more ludicrous these artificial divisions become.

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Aligning Efforts to Achieve Equitable Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health and Well-Being for Children and Youth

This report issues a call to action for philanthropic organizations and public-sector partners that are ready to move forward in improving mental, emotional, and behavioral health. It describes existing philanthropic and federal initiatives and offers a potential portfolio of aligned strategies for private- and public-sector partners to consider.

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Accompaniment: The Missing Piece of the Funding Puzzle

We continue to be inspired by the plenary remarks Dr. Paul Farmer gave at Grantmakers In Health’s 2006 Annual Meeting on Health Philanthropy.

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