A special series from The Kresge Foundation and Grantmakers In Health

In 2018, The Kresge Foundation launched its Climate Change, Health & Equity (CCHE) initiative, mobilizing equitable climate action by health care institutions, health practitioners, and community advocates in ways that reflect the needs and priorities of low-income communities in America’s cities.

Learning What it Takes is a series of three Views from the Field articles from The Kresge Foundation and Grantmakers In Health that explores the lessons learned from the initiative, looking at different facets of its development and implementation:

Building Community Power to Improve Climate Resilience and Health Equity: Learning What It Takes

Over the past decade, many health foundations have shifted from funding specific programs to addressing social determinants of health by supporting policy and systems change strategies Abundant research has demonstrated that low-income communities of color face structural barriers to health that more affluent white communities do not, ranging from access to healthy food to stable housing and clean air. These differences in community conditions didn’t happen by accident—they are the result of intentional policy decisions over generations that apportioned resources and opportunities along racial and ethnic lines.

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Strengthening a National Field of Practice for Climate, Health, and Equity: Learning What it Takes

When The Kresge Foundation’s Climate Change, Health and Equity (CCHE) initiative launched in 2018, community power mobilization was integral because too often the people closest to viable climate resilience solutions were excluded from decisionmaking. Since then, the leadership of CCHE’s community-based, health practitioner, and health institution partners has underscored the significance of community power to transform climate policy and public health practice.

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Centering Racial Justice to Address Climate Change: Learning What it Takes

In 2018, the Kresge Foundation launched the Climate Change, Health, and Equity (CCHE) initiative as a 5-year, $22 million commitment to accelerate action on climate change and climate-related inequities in health. Since its inception, the CCHE network has worked in distinct, yet aligned strategies that focus on health institutions, practitioner and professional societies, and community-based organizations. The priority was to bring together diverse grant-funded partners at different points along their equity journey, with initiative partners providing evaluation, technical assistance, and support to sustain the network.

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