The Impacts of the Climate Crisis on Mental Health: Research, Solutions, and Action


During this interactive conversation with mental health experts, Gen Z, and climate-mental health advocates, speakers shared the latest research on the impacts of climate change and mental health on young people and the disproportionate impacts on Black, Indigenous, and people of color. The field leaders also discuss the political and cultural dimensions of the foundation community addressing this emergent public health issue. 

Preventing Toxic Petrochemical Rail Disasters

During this webinar, speakers provided an overview of the key stakeholders involved in determining rail safety, the state and federal hazardous materials transport policies that govern their actions, and recommendations for immediate and decisive action by government and industry.

Protecting Public Health and Safety in the Event of Toxic Petrochemical Rail Disasters

During this webinar, participants heard from public health experts and leaders providing real-time guidance for ground-zero and near-field communities impacted by events in East Palestine, Ohio, who, over the past decade, have championed responsive public safety policies for the Ohio River Valley region and other industrialized high-risk areas in the US.

Strengthening Climate, Health, and Equity Work in the Midwest

This meeting gathered representatives from philanthropy, government, health and environmental sectors, and grassroots and community groups in the Midwest for learning, relationship-building, and information-sharing.

How Does Climate Change Affect Children’s Mental Health?

This webinar explored both the effects of climate change on children's mental health and the variety of approaches funders can take to build children's resiliency and support the connections with community, adults, and educators that help children cope with uncertainty.

Food Access and Security Learning Community Calls

This meeting focused on reconciling emergency food response with need for food systems reform, but also covered several other topics (i.e., lifting-up grassroots voices and ending philanthropic paternalism; looking at natural disasters, equity, and food systems in addition to health outcomes and SDOH; climate change’s impacts on food systems; environmental justice and food systems; what the current public health response looks like with food systems; and investing at the federal and local policy levels).